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Don't believe everything you see in travel brochures. Visiting Thailand's capital without visiting the Great Palace is comparable to visiting the Taj Mahal in Agra. Thailand tours beyond the tourist traps, from the waterfalls of Erewan to a host family with the mountain tribes of the Golden Triangle. In view of the uncertain political situation in Thailand, tourists seem to be worried. Are you still going to Thailand?

Fifteen good reason why you should come to Thailand at least once in your lifetime.

So if this is a real issue you like to ask yourself, here are 15 good reason why you should come to Thailand at least once in your Iife. Be it a visitor for a whole days or a whole months in the land of smiles, Thai cuisine is so tasty and varied that you don't have to enjoy the same meal twice.

In fact, the visitor will notice that the kitchen is changing from town to town and its dining possibilities remain interesting. Although all the lands that will be visited by the population will have their just proportion of kind natives, there is something about the Thais that certainly makes the risk in this particular land less daunting.

Perhaps it is the way many Thais are eating in Thai familiestyle, where some people are fortunate enough to be treated to a tasty dinner. Travellers with a traveler' s visa need to cancel travel routes for money. However, this is not the case in Thailand, where travel is inexpensive and different means of transport are available.

Low-cost carriers such as Nok Air and AirAsia always seem to be selling on air, with airfares to both national and foreign airfields in city-residents. Busses and railroads across the whole nation are also unbelievably accessible, with train stops in the countryside and some of the largest travel destination in Thailand.

There are three great tourist seasons in Thailand, all of which are ideal for holidaymakers to travel and indulge in. It is strongest in the arid period when the temperature normally does not exceed 90°. In the hottest months of the year, visitors come to the many idyllic shores along Thailand's huge coastline. The monsoons are a favourite destination in Bangkok and the north of Thailand, as the island is subject to inundation.

Although there are advantages and disadvantages in all seasons, the visitor will probably never be frigid and can savour the many sunbeams of the state. Thailand-Hungary strives to satisfy those who come after nightfall. Prepare yourself for revellers, because the land is full of all kinds of nightlife imaginable for a tourist.

Backpack tourists drive to Khao San Road to join like-minded travellers and pails on pails with alcohol. The shabbier ones are for one of the many red-light areas found in towns across the nation, with Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and others. Although these are some of the major attractions that attract those looking for a good nights out, the land is also known for its regime and jazzy pubs, and there are some of the best LGBTQ-friendly nightclubs in the .

Thailand has over 1,500 nautical mile shoreline, and just off many of these are some of the best diving locations in the worIl. Irrespective of when travellers travel frequently, there should be at least a few first-class places to be explored under the ocean, as the rainy seasons seldom affect areas such as Pattaya, which are known for the many marine tortoises that are almost certainly to be seen here.

One of the best diving spots in Thailand are Koh Tao, the Surin Islands, Koh Chang and Chumphon. Featuring over 40,000 Buddha Schools found in the Land of Smiles, the visitor is sure to find at least one that will catch their eyes. Every provinces is obliged to possess at least one of these magnificent marvels, although the most singular and richest are to be found in the city.

The uniqueness of the land allows the Kingdom's guests to undertake various adventure trips during their visit. You can also find hiking paths, surfing shafts, jungle to cross and much more in Thailand. Thailand's market is like no other place in the whole wide globe.

People will never know what they will find in these one-of-a-kind rides. A lot of travellers go so far as to schedule whole public holiday periods around these celebrations to see what this is all about. Although many Thai towns are still being modernised with things like city decorations, people everywhere will have somehow interwoven parts of the interesting and old Thai civilization.

Towns like Sukhothai have held their own in modernisation, as they still contain many antique remains from 1238. His story can also be found in Thailand's many different arts, such as Thai dance or Thai puppeteering. A new section is opened in Bangkok, because the city is one of the major attractions to do so.

It is often the first stop on the routes before going to Southeast Asia, and it is usually not their favourite town. It is overcrowded and can be overpowering, so many travellers are less so. It is home to a wealth of game in its many nature reserves, sandy shores and hills.

The Khao Yai National Park in the centre of Thailand is home to the tiger and boar, and if you are really fortunate you can even see one or two elephants. There are monkey beach in the southern part, and people flock to places like Monkey Beach on Koh Phi Phi Phi to see what the heyday is.

Thailand's terrain is certainly impressing, as every county in the whole nation has a geographic peculiarity that is uniquely different and deserves to be explored. One of the most spectacular spectacles of nature in the land are certainly the 1,500-mile coast from which to select. Although there are a good number of sandy shores that have been flooded by sun-drenched visitors, there are a number of unbelievable sandy shores that stay calm, isolated and breathtaking.

Several of these are Freedom Beach in Phuket and Sunset Beach on Koh Kradan Isle. The last few years have proven to be a laborious time for backpacker tourists as the number of travellers to South East Asia has increased at an exponential rate. From 2010 to 2015 there were 87 per cent more internationals arriving in Thailand alone, many of them with only one of them.

Those budget-friendly travellers have a tendency to travel in groups they encounter on the way, which makes Thailand such an inexpensive place for them because there are so many. Accessible accommodation is available in almost all the larger towns (and some calmer ones), making it easier to get in touch with other backpacker tourists and discover Thailand together.

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