Why Travel to Myanmar

Myanmar, why go to Myanmar?

New in Myanmar: 7 good places to be this year Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is a nascent democratic nation that is slowly developing into an exhilarating and adventure resort. Formerly a paria state with an embargo for overseas visits, Myanmar is now slowly developing a young tourism sector, and as it has recently become possible for overseas visitors to come to the countryside, for the most part it still finds itself very off the well-trodden paths.

Coming here, you can be one of the first to explore this wonderful and magic land when you put it on the itinerary. It is the only land you should be visiting this year - Myanmar has it all: from wonderful landscapes to thrilling camps.

Myanmar can help you, whether you are looking for peace, tranquility or a true experience. If you are not yet sure that you should go on your next vacation in Myanmar, here are seven good reason to come to this amazing part of the game. Burma is a beautiful jagged and hilly land.

The Hengduan mountains are the northern frontier with China and there are many other massifs that cross the land between the Himalayas and the coastline and run from the North to the South. They divide the country's main waterways, which run through fruitful dales such as the Irrawaddy Valley, where most of Burma's people live.

They are a refuge for hikers and animal observers and a breathtaking setting for the places you will see. If you want to spend an energetic vacation in the height, relaxing in the fresh alpine atmosphere or just marvel at its beautiful scenery, the Myanmar hills are a convincing place to be.

Burma has 1,200 leagues of shoreline along the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. Business people are already grabbing properties here and there will soon be a great deal of evolution, so fearless, self-sufficient travelers should be sure to come and explore this shoreline of pristine sandy shores and small fishermen's communities before it changes forever.

Explore the many historical and sacred sights of the former Yangon city, with its slightly pale archaeological monuments and shining palaces and other places of worship, discover the Mandalay country's intriguing cultural heritage, whose name creates romantically and exotically stunning pictures, and see the stunning temples of Bagan and the wealth of important historical monuments that can be found here.

Journey to these towns before they become more like anywhere else. Before succumbing to the masses and difficulties of massive tourism, if the term gets right, many more will want to come to the towns of this tempting state. Myanmar has so many places of spirituality that it is impossible to see them all on one vacation.

Burma is the place to be if you are looking for something beyond yourself, a mental calmness that can just as readily be found in a cavern of shiny Buddha's, next to a gold pagoda-covered cliff, in an artful shrine or on a mountaintop. Search the Myanmar spirit and you will find it everywhere.

Irrespective of your faith or your faith, Myanmar can alleviate and reassure all your worries, be it commonplace and daily or deep and utter. Myanmar's many places of worship and spirituality have a deep historical and intensive aesthetic. Be it a hike through historical churches or a pagoda, a hike along the river bank, a hike through paddy fields on the sand beach or between picturesque hill towns, a hike over long distances or a demanding climb up a peg. Myanmar is the ideal place for a hike in the great nature.

Featuring quiet and welcoming people, blessed pastorality, a coastline with sand with views of a bright ocean and stunning views of the mountains, what more could you ask for? If you want something soft or a full-fledged adventure, Burma is a great place to be.

There are many adventures in this land. You may even be travelling on the back of a local bull or taking a cruise in a local handicraft. Enjoy ancient civilizations in secluded hill and lakeside towns and observe the fauna in secluded places far away from the fashionable underworld.

You will be welcomed by the locals wherever you are in this seductive world. Respectfully and modestly, you will encounter a nation that is willing to live its life and civilization with you and welcome you to its land.

Discover the wealthy and untouched legacy of this land that has stood out from the rest for centuries. This is just one of the many ways to get to Myanmar as soon as possible. Her main topics are travelling, sustainablility and permit culture and she has a special interest in adventurous travelling, camp, hiking and more.

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