Why Travel to Myanmar

Myanmar, why go to Myanmar?

Here's why Myanmar should be next on your list! The week-long journey of Pommie Travels starts in Mandalay and leads through temples in Bagan and a boat trip on Inle Lake before ending in Yangon. Burma is the newest destination on the Southeast Asian backpacker trail. A country full of fascinating history and tradition, Myanmar is slowly becoming a very popular destination. So where is Myanmar?

Myanmar Travel Information

Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advises against all travel: When you visit Mount Victoria in the Mindat Islands you should consult a guide or tourist guide before travelling. Shuan State ( "North"), except Kyaukme City, Hsipaw City, and the Mandalay to Kyaukme and Hsipaw rail lines.

The city of Lashio and its airports are located in the area where the Bundeskartellamt advises against all trips. In northern Shan, Kachin and Karen/Kayin states there are persistent conflicts and the potential for violence in other ethnical states.

In these areas, the British Embassy's capacity to provide diplomatic aid, even in emergencies, may be limited or postponed. British public safety officials have identified Burma as a threat of Zika infection. Information and guidance on the dangers associated with the Zika viruses can be found on the National Travel Network and Centre website.

Frequent forms of ambassadorship are loss of identity, robbery and traffic crash. Before your trip, take out extensive health and travelling health insurances.

Top 10 good reason to go to Myanmar now

Sundown at Ubein Bridge in Mandalay. What other place can you watch such a beautiful sundown! Aboard the Goteik viaduct, the highest railroad in the world. Discover Yangon with the 3-hour rail journey for only $1! Hopefully this contribution inspired you to go to Myanmar next!

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Myanmar's ultimate travel guide and why you should go now

Burma is on the south-east Asia route, but many still have concerns about traveling in Myanmar. There has never been a better season to see Myanmar. Benefit from the advantages of Thai checkpoints and more relaxing visas. Once you have finished studying this Myanmar tourist guidebook, you will have no excuse to leave this unique tourist resort for your next South East Asia itinerary.

Here is what Brenna Holeman, creator of the This Battered Suitcase blogs, has to say about Myanmar: Where should you put directly at the top of your Myanmar pail-lists? Yangon Swedagon Pagoda is regarded as the most sacred buddhistic shrine in the land, and Bagan houses the most dense collections of 11th and 11th centuries shrines, couples and remains.

While Inle Lake offers beloved boating trips to swimming pools, stilted dining and handicraft shops to explore, Myanmar's second town, Mandalay, is home to the King's Palace and the stunning view from Mandalay Hill. So how long do you have? The weeklong journey of Pommie Travels begins in Mandalay and leads through Bagan Temple and a cruise on Inle Lake before ending in Yangon.

This is a fast trip to see the most popular sights of Myanmar in a few minutes. The two-weeks route of my Hot Pink Passport leads through the land, which begins and ends in Yangon, with a few more nights each in Bagan, Mandalay, Inle Lake and Bago. Adventuresmith's three-week tour gives you more free rein to explore the major sights and smaller off-path places.

This adventurous trip leads through Yangon - Kalaw - Inle Lake - Bagan - Mandalay - Pwin Oo Lwin - Hsipaw - Mandalay. Are Myanmar a safer place to go? Yes, Myanmar is secure. "Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan are no more hazardous to be visited than any other beloved touristic centre in the canal.

Bundeskartellamt discourages any trips to the state of Rakhine and the state of Kachin due to conflicts between different ethnical groups - see the latest information here. Neither is on Myanmar's touristic path. Many travelers are very pleased with the reception in Myanmar. Brennáá Holeman says: "The special thing about my stay in Myanmar was how unbelievably inviting and kind the locals were.

This may not be patronizing, but in the end it was the nicest, most kind, generously sized and supportive person I have met on my journeys around the atlantic. Myanmar is a local/tourist dream at the moment - but remember that it is evolving very quickly. With fewer borders and more arrivals every year, the relation is likely to change in a natural way, as the visitor is not seen as such an interesting anomaly.

How do I get a Myanmar Visum? For most travelers, a Myanmar entry permit is required. That means that you will receive a visum label on your identity card before enter. Virtues allow you 28 day journey within Myanmar and cannot be renewed. Virtues are only effective for 90 day after the date of issuance, so make sure you provide your trip details when applying.

Do not be an avid beer and make an early reservation one year in advance or your visas will be prematurely applied and will not be accepted if you actually come to Myanmar! You will need to complete a questionnaire with two recent photos, provide evidence of your trip (copies of your flight tickets or your organizer's receipt) and pay a small surcharge.

From Bangkok, go to Myanmar Ambassador in the mornings to apply for a similar date visa: it will be granted by 3 pm. Evidence must be provided that you are traveling the next business trip with a copy of your flight tickets or the route of the operator. They can also get a next- or two- or even two-day visas without their itineraries.

Cost of your passport (from April 2013): The Myanmar Foreign Office in Bangkok: They can also obtain Myanmar in other South East Asia and China. Request your VOA upon your flight arrivals which you will collect at the airfield upon your land. Please be sure to consult the website of the Ministry of Immigration in Myanmar and the local government office in your own state before travelling, as the regulations are quickly changed along with the remainder of the state.

From February 2014, ASEAN nationals may not even require a valid entry permit. What is the best way to get to Myanmar? There are currently no scheduled services from destinations in the West to Myanmar. In Thailand, three cities are offering round-trip connections to Myanmar. Here you can travel from Thailand to Myanmar:

From Mae Sai to Tachilek - take a flight to Heho or Mandalay from Tachilek airpor. From Mae Sot to Myawaddy - take a local air coach to Moulmein (with an international airport) or a local one to Yangon. From Ranong to Kawthoung - take a flight to Yangon or Moulmein from Kawthaung International Kawthoung International Airpor.

As a result, the journey will be affected - find out which dates are "left" or "right" according to the months of your arrivals and schedule to be on the right connection to your next stop on one of the following dates. Learn more about the special features of traveling from frontier cities on Travelfish.

Myanmar - How do I get around? It is possible to get around by air or coach, rent a guided vehicle or by sea and rail. Lateness and travelling at uneven times are part of a normal long-distance itinerary. It' all part of the trip, just relax and savour the (bumpy) drive!

"Myanmar's internal aviation is generally deeply ingrained in a past age, although things are slowly improving," says Marcus Allender, creator of the Go-Myanmar.com online traveller's guide. While some of the procedures can be described as painterly (paper vouchers and small labels that the flight crew sticks to you to indicate your destination), the shortage of safety can be somewhat worrying.

However, then, with the exceptions of Yangon, Mandalay, Naypyidaw and Bagan, most local airfields are essentially just huts. After Mandalay and Yangon after Bagan, Yangon are the most used airways in Myanmar. For a complete listing of local carriers and locations, please review Go Myanmar. Timetables are available on the airlines' web sites, but no on-line bookings are currently available.

Booking airline fares through a landlord's own airline or through Myanmar Youth hostels - just check with the front office. Featuring less expensive airline fares and quicker travelling than train fares, coaches are a dependable way to get to Myanmar if you have a good price. "You will find a range of state-of-the-art, comfortably air-conditioned coaches in the major triangles (Yangon, Bagan and Inle Lake) and to major towns such as Mandalay and the capitol Naypyidaw.

Bigger towns like Yangon, Mandalay and Naypyidaw are usually far from the city-center. Purchase your ticket in time to ensure you get a place on your favorite trip - you can either do this on-line before traveling through a website like Go Myanmar, or check with your guest house when you are there.

"Travelling by rail in Burma is an astonishing experience," says Mark Smith, rail trip specialist and founding director of The Man in Seat 61. "From Rangoon to Mandalay, the sleeping dormitory races past gold stupas and sham interlockings that appear to have been planted in Surrey, with the scent of rural fire blowing through the open windows as darkness sets in.

A breathtaking 11-hour voyage to Pyin U Lwin and Hsipaw through the hills of Shan State, which traverses the Gokteik Gorge. Thazi to Kalaw and Inle Lake - from the Yangon to Mandalay, this ten-hour drive leads through the gorgeous hills of Shan State and ends at gorgeous Inle Lake (the stop is Shwe Nyaung).

The Circle Line Rail in Yangon - a great way to explore the town, a three-hour round trip through the town and the nearby towns. Take the Yangon Central Rail Station and get there every 1 US$ per hours, For full information on Myanmar rail journeys, timetables and fares, see The Man in 6-1.

There is no way to buy your rail ticket directly on line - Myanmar Rails does not have a website. You must buy the rail passes at the railway from which you travel. Trains are also handwritten. You can simply show up on the morning to make a reservation, but for added safety, buy long-haul travel passes one or two days in advance. 2.

You' ll need your pass to buy a rail pass and your name, your citizenship and your pass number will be photocopied on your tick. Bigger railway stops like Yangon have information panels in German with schedules and tariffs, more distant ones do not - ask for help at the cash desk.

In Myanmar can I use backpacks and shelter? There is a selection of independent managed guesthouses and guesthouses in Yangon (average £8.23 per night) and Bagan (average £9.87 per night). In Myanmar, the current housing market is still outstripping the market. The top rated Yangon hostels are Humble Footprints (currently 91% user experience ), Golden Guest Inn (86%) and Agga Guest House (79%).

In Myanmar, what currencies can I use? They need a mix of US dollar and Myanmar Kie. You can use US dollar to cover your lodging, local airfare, rail rates and admission charges. Burma has had its first ATM in 2012, and there are still not many you can count on. The best way is to take your whole trip funds package in bar and work through it.

Find out how to manage funds in Myanmar to get full information about the best currency rates and the use of them. What is the best season of the year to come to Myanmar? The temperature can rise to 40ºC between March and May and even higher in Bagan and Mandalay. This is the period when raining most, while the arid area between Mandalay and Pyay is the least visible.

"I have been fortunate enough to have travelled to all states and Myanmar departments in recent years, and I have had a number of memorable shore excursions. The most pleasant and striking was probably the one from Yangon to Dawei in the Tanintharyi area ( "Tenasserim") in the southern part of the state.

Myanmar's population is known for their kindness, but the way they were handled there was different. The best thing was not to think about how risky it was to sit on the overcrowded top of a lorry and race at high speeds over tough streets (you can also drive down busses there, but we were on the road during a vacation time when they weren't running).

While Myanmar's train can at best be bouncing and sluggish, the rail line from Ye to Dawei has taken things to another level: the minute cars turn and turn through the gorgeous Tenasserim Mountains, push their way through the jungles and stop in towns that look no different from a hundred years ago.

Now that you have a full Myanmar travel book in your hand, we think we are willing to go with you!

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