Why Travel to Burma

Then why travel to Burma?

Myanmar (formerly Burma) travel health and vaccination advice The Burmese government strictly controls travel in and within the country. We will help you get the vaccinations, help and advice you need to travel to Burma. Do' s and Don'ts of traveling in Burma / Myanmar.

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You are looking for a place for a vacation with your whole team. They want a warm place with palm-fringed sandy beach, clear waters and beautiful beach-inns. Being part of our monthly trip for families in May this year, we have been thinking about how we can make the most of the pedagogical aspect of travelling with them.

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Let's be honest, when you travel to Asia, it's not only a long journey, but also the means of transportation, when you're there, are generally more interesting than the London public transportation system, the subway or the rail. Known 25 years ago as a "bicycle city", today's street lamps and signposts (or their absence) no longer keep pace with the ever-increasing stream of motorcycles, automobiles, lorries and trishaw's through this busy town ( "or as near a town as you can think without skyscrapers").

On my trip to the motel I was informed that the locals have an unwritten rule of the street and don't need such banal things as stoplights. That scared me right off, but you can tell it's the truth. In a way, locals know which streets are one-sided, when to give way to a lot of pedestrians and when to speed up full speed through the intersection.

It is not surprising that I went to the suburbs of the town, to the old capitol Amarapura with the decision to get on a motorbike. Imagined me waving through cars, pedestrian cars and ox cart, I felt like a native - maybe I would even be sitting aside with both feet like a true hotshots.

Imagine Rudyard Ki-pling stood on one of these sanctuaries when he said, "This is Burma, and it is very different from any country you know. Every Inle Sea experience begins with entering a long tailed motor boat and getting used to a precarious wood deck that is willing to tear down Nyaung Shwe's canal into the middle of the sea, surrounded by hills on both sides.

It is not the vast open waters I had been expecting; the sea is in fact a maze of streams between grass-covered shores, bordered by buildings on stilt posts and swimming fields of vegetables moored in high canes. As the reed and the shores get fatter towards the edge of the pond, our rider tells us that the road to our resort is covered with vegetation until closing time.

In Yangon, even the term platforms is a little inaccurate. Imagine a broad stride between the rails, and this is exactly how they are used: a springboard to get from one rail to the next. There are no traffickers or whistling or health-and-save - and it's so uplifting.

If you are onboard the train (right or not), it is wobbly and rather sloppy.

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