Why Travel to Burma

Then why travel to Burma?

Select a link from the left menu to go to a. Twenty-one good reason to travel to Myanmar Myanmar, why go to Myanmar? It is a fascinating land rich in stunning landscapes, colourful culture and impressive historical places to rediscover at every turn. It' s a fact that Myanmar has recently eased its travel limits, but this should not be a warning. If you are a professional, we can guarantee that there is ample travel structure and as many opportunities to enjoy luxuries as you can dip into the countryside charm or your own minds.

Burma is an unbelievably handsome place. Paradisiacal shores with pristine waters and fine sandy beach, foggy hills, confused jungle, magnificent Inle Lake, the Irrawaddy River, the jagged highland, the luxuriant plains - Myanmar's breath-taking scenery is truly amazing. Combination of these breath-taking scenery with some of the best conserved historical places in the whole word and you have travel wonder.

It is not a touristic centre of Myanmar. At Yangon you can take an authentically look at community living on board the circuit, and even the most popular places in the low seasons have minimum population. If you are travelling in lesser-known areas such as the Mergui Archipelago or Putao in the Himalayan spurs, you will experience yourself as an expedite.

It' one of the most popular pages in Myanmar. Burma is a crucible of culture, which is another way of saying it is a jar of flavours. You' ve got infusions, with the kind permission of the British; curries, thanks to the Yangon people; China foods; Shan pasta; burmesian cooking; seafood and even local wines.

Myanmar's gastronomic delicacies range from home-cooked meals to delicious meals you should not miss. When you only have 2 Myanmar meals, make them mussinga, a seafood pasta with crunchy fry on top, and a fermentation tea-leaf lettuce with an icicot.

Built in 1900, it is a vintage way to cross the highland to the beautiful rural outskirts of Pyin Oo Lwin, offering unrivalled panoramic mountains. Burma is a place where you can follow the footsteps of some of the most important writers, where you can see their landscape and culture through different eyes. Myanmar is the place to be.

Thailand has the Great Palace, Cambodia has Angkor Wat, and Myanmar has an amazing number of stupas, shrines and cloisters. Myanmar has you in its sights. Apart from the apparent benefits of cruising on a waterway, you can see Myanmar from a different view.

There is a timeless feeling about cruising rivers - especially on a colonial-style steamship - and the powerful Irrawaddy Rivers only reinforces the atmosphere of the old age. Burma is home to the second biggest Buddha sculpture in the whole wide open space of the city. lnleLock. The 116 square kilometre large reservoir is not only optically impressive, but also offers some truly one-of-a-kind sight.

Were you aware that the Myanmar kitten race was extinct in the 1930' s? Without the Hatchery Centre in Inle Heritage, Myanmar would have missed this important part of its population. The Inle Heritage is a non-profit organization that includes a typical Inthar stilted building with a galleries for the arts, a guest building and a regional youth school.

It' a pure outing, even if you're not the most passionate one. Just think, you are cruising through an unspoilt island paradise, stop at abandoned islets, each more attractive than the next, dive into crystalline water, stroll through pristine jungle, stroll through pristine sandy areas. At least not for the time being - the recently opened Mergui Arcipelago on the coast of the Andaman Sea in Myanmar offers you all this.

Cruising is the best way to explore this stunning area - some parts are still unknown so stay with a familiar team. The Phaung Daw U Pagode hovers like a gleaming Fata Morgana over Lake Inle and is the centre of one of Myanmar's most singular celebrations for 18 nights a year.

Thadingyut, the Myanmar monarchy, takes the five holy Buddha pictures of the Buddha image of the Buddha on a kingly ship around the sea, so that the priests can show them their respect. It is the oldest and biggest convent on the shores of the Inle lake, dating back to the nineteenth c. and houses a large number of historical monasteries and cloisters.

Strandfans will find many good reason to come to Myanmar. Myanmar's most famous of all its shores is Ngapali, where you will find luxury resort, stunning sea food, top-class snorkelling and an inviting, relaxed coastline. The Thingyan Water Festival in Myanmar will include the New Year. To see Yangon at its best, schedule your Myanmar voyage to coincide with this beautiful, watery festival.

When we' ve aroused your travel appetites and you want to know more about travelling in Myanmar, don't delay in contacting our travel specialists today.

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