Why not Myanmar

Might as well be Myanmar

Most are in poor health and do not receive adequate medical treatment. Myanmar has its share of motorcycles, but it is the electric bicycles in Bagan that make this country so special. In Myanmar ABE is known. "We will not tell Leeds United where to go or where not to go. Choose our Myanmar Explorer" tour.

Why not go to Myanmar

Burma is a land yet to be explored. Its richness in nature and culture as well as its touristic areas fascinates the population. In spite of its indisputable splendour, many travelers are still sceptical about Myanmar as it is well known to be hard to commute.

For those who are not sure if they are coming here, these are why they should not travel to Myanmar to show you why it is worthwhile! Though Myanmar has made huge strides in terms of tourism growth, it does not currently have the necessary infrastructures to help the population. But that doesn't interfere with their lives and the Myanmar tribe just keeps going.

Part of Myanmar's appeal, we think, is to get rid of it all, because you can have useful conversations with local people and visitors without being distracted by the local community. Well, if you think detoxification is a drug-breaking business, don't go to Myanmar. But on the other side, if you want to have an easy living with the natives and want to be alive right now, this is your opportunity.

Myanmar civilization is the fount of all its charms, so it is a must to get to know and experience it while you are there. Because Burma's tribe believes strongly in spirituality and faith, the land is full of holy shrines, palagodas and ancient memorials awaiting admiration.

It is said to be one of the most enlightening experience in Burma's civilization, from the monks' prayer in the mornings to the stunning view of Myanmar at sundown. When the experience of this astonishing civilization does not seem like something you are ready for, don't go to Myanmar.

But if you stand in holy places, understand your place in Burma's lives and how the natives live, it seems like an unbelievable chance, come here! Burma's population has a record of being unbelievably kind; it is welcoming, always helpful and has a real interest in travel. Do not go to Myanmar if you do not want to meet astonishing individuals.

It should not be forgotten that Myanmar's tourist industry is relatively new. You will be as interested and inquisitive about the Myanmar population as you are. For a full Myanmar adventure without the fast-paced activities of urban living, the Bengal Gulf Strands offer everything you could wish for.

Unless you're a bums on the shore for a whole afternoon, don't go to Myanmar. But if you like a break, isle hoping, local eateries and tribal people, go to West Burma to enjoy the sun. Have I also mentioned that Myanmar is home to Ngapali beach, which happens to be one of the most beautiful in Asia?

Myanmar's overwhelming number of churches and outstanding architectural features make up most of its landscape. Besides the sanctuaries, Myanmar also offers a wide range of scenic attractions, with the top locations being Inle Lake and U-leg Bridges. In contrast to the Temple of Thailand there are not many visitors yet, so you have the whole place to yourself!

So, if you don't want to get awed by breathtaking scenery, don't go to Myanmar. If you want to see everything, however, we suggest you rent a motorcycle and explore as much of Myanmar as possible! Though the cuisines in Thailand and Vietnam overshadow many other South East Asia destinations, Myanmar has a few tips up its sleeve when it comes to eating.

After overcoming the fact that Myanmar is not as varied and flavorful as Thailand's cuisine, you can understand that Myanmar specializes in certain types of cuisine and they do it well! Anyone who has ever tasted specialities wants to enjoy the whole land and try what it has to offers.

I am sure I have given you enough reason to see Myanmar for yourself! Living on the shore all afternoon like a tramp or spending your days in Burma's cultural life while exploring the temple and mixing with the natives. Might be a little harder to find your way around the land, but the adventure, the crowd, the food as well as the excitement are there.

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