Why is Burma Called Myanmar

Myanmar: Why is Burma called Myanmar?

Burmese cuisine at its best. Mohinga is often referred to as Myanmar's national dish, rice noodles served in a hearty vegetable fish and shallots broth. In April the so-called "Wasserwerferfest" is celebrated. The exiled government of Aung San Suu Kyi had called to get Pepsi out.

Greetings to the "Golden Land" - Myanmar

Myanmar. It is also called "Golden Land" because there are gilded palagodas all over the area. Several Myanmar royal families gave money to make the pagoda for the service and most of the couples called" Shwe", which means in Myanmar means either or both. Burma is a beautiful and natural place.

Myanmar / Burma vanished behind a barrier of insulation for many years, only to reopen the doors to the outside and become the most enigmatic and unexplored place to visit at any time of the year. Myanmar / Burma extends from the beautiful Andaman Sea isles in the south to the Himalayas in the south and is bordered by Tibet / China in the northeast, China, Laos and Thailand in theheast.

Culture is mainly made up of the different strains and is a mixture of porcelain and Indian civilisation. The Buddhism has a great impact on the Myanmar population and they have kept the tradition of awe for Buddhism, esteem for the elder, strong bonds of families and basic local dress. With Myanmar's long past and size dating back to the early eleventh century, Myanmar is full of histories and historical sites.

Burma is a great place for adventure, discovery and fun for everyone of all age and today is the ideal place to be.

Myanmar Golden Land

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is recognised by the rest of the planet as the Golden Land. Myanmar, formally called Union of Myanmar, also Burma, Burmese Myanmar or Pyidaungzu Myanmar Naingngandaw, is a land on the east coast of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea in South-East Asia.

Covering an area of 677,000 sq km (261,228 sq miles) and stretching 936 km (581 miles) from east-west and 2,051 km (1,275 miles) from northeast to southeast, the nation is a lands of rolling countryside and is bordered to the northeast, easterly and westerly by mountains that form a huge heel.

Within the mountains are the shallow Ayeyarwaddy, Chindwin and Sittaung River dales, where most of the country's farmland and people live. It is 6,159 kilometers long. It has a border with Bangladesh of 271 kilometers (168.7 miles). Myanmar-China border is 2,204 kilometers (1,370 miles), Myanmar-Thailand 2,107 kilometers (1,309.8 miles), Myanmar-India 1,338 kilometers (831.8 miles) and Myanmar-Laos 238 kilometers (147.9 miles).

Government priorities include the preservation and planting of nine dry areas in Myanmar. Burma has a wide variety of habitats, mainly due to its extraordinary environmental variety. As Myanmar regards such a wealthy biodiversity resource as an important domestic resource, the government has imposed stringent rules to conserve its biodiversity.

What's with "The Land of Gold"? In Myanmar, most palagodas are coated with leaf-or those who cannot currently use it. If you come to Myanmar, or if you have ever been to Myanmar, this is not a matter that needs to be addressed. You' ll see things of the past or gold-clad memorials in all directions.

It' called the Golden Land!

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