Why go to Thailand for a Holiday

Making a holiday in Thailand?

This literally adds two extra days of vacation not spent in transit. Top 5 Causes Why You Should Go To Thailand

I am often asked why I consider Thailand to be my ideal tourist destinations and I am horrified when my response surprises them. As if it were a known fact that Thailand is paradise. I' m beginning to realize that the vast majority of the world doesn't know this mystery and is completely missed the opportunity for the most tropical, relaxed journey you could ever imagin.

Travelling to Thailand is a must for your trip and here is the reason for it: In the mornings you can go for a stroll on the street or at the village markets, rent a motorbike and enjoy the wonderful landscape and the relaxing life. Smile with the natives, speak to the backpack tourists, enjoy tasty meals and cool drinks.

Doesn't make any difference what your interests are, Thailand has you covered. No. Thailand has some of the most unspoilt shores in the whole wide open. Set off to the rolling countryside, walk with your mind through the hilly valley and enjoy some quality leisure activities with the Hill Tribe population. Thailand is an old cultivated area, from churches and castles to antique remains, which will never take away your opportunity to experience the tradition and custom of this amazing area.

It is undeniable that if you prefer not to consume traditional Thai cuisine, your flavour bud will have taken a holiday due to madness. Thailändisches Essen is so tasty and health! Whatever the season or place you are eating, your flavour bud will "wai-ing" you with thankfulness for the blast of flavour you have sent.

Life in Thailand for 6 month was the most healthy thing I've ever been. Everyone wants hot, sunshine when travelling or on holiday. You' re never on the run again when you' re in Thailand, where all the nice weathers are. The whole year is swim time, some month just a little bit warmer than others.

Everybody in Thailand is smile. Turists, backpacker travellers, tok-tuks, Thai chef, Thailand college boy, waiters, waitress or barmen, schoolteachers and pupils, tuk-tuks and the dormant toy. It would be difficult to find someone in Thailand to worry about. Every year is a paradise present and a new occasion to make a living from a place of goodness and joy.

The Thais are accepting and embracing each other and help to keep a face-smiling. I think I could move back to Thailand...massages every single days, wholesome, delicious meals, cheerful, happy folks who realize that living is not a concern, walking along the shore, swinging hammocks at night while they watch the sun set with a cheesy drink.... yes, I think I could do just that!

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