Why go to Burma

What are you going to Burma for?

If you want to make friends with locals, you should travel to Pathein. They' re ready to make their way to show you their country. However you experience, you will see, this little beauty of Southeast Asia still has it in itself. What is it like to visit a country ruled by a military junta? Are you taking a risk going there?

On the to-do-menu first:) permit

Like most young backpacker tourists, my friend and I like Southeast Asia. We have chosen Myanmar. I' m not going to tell you a thing - during the plane to Myanmar we were full of mistaken feelings. Does the state have any preparation for international guests? When you consider that we had been living in China for quite some time, we were unknowingly optimistic that no nation could have surprised us.

Getting a Myanmar entry permit isn't that simple. to the Embassy of Myanmar in Beijing, China. This was a quick, simple and relatively inexpensive way. Within a few hrs we had a Myanmar type visas in our passes and all we needed were cash and passportpictures.

I have also been told that it is really simple to get a visas in Bangkok. How much does Burma offer in budget housing? Accustomed to cosy, affordable hostals or hostals in Southeast Asia? You' re most likely going to be frustrated in Myanmar. At the other end we liked the breakfast in Burma very much, it is usually part of the roomprices.

Don't waste too much of your spare minute in your room. We were very proud of our powerful stomach after many years in China, but our digestion system was not ready for what was to come. I had a can of Coke as my best buddy for a while and I couldn't even watch the Myanmar sausage.

I felt unbelievably fortunate after a few short hunger when I was able to finish eating Myanmar homemade sandwiches. Begin slow with Burma cooking, your digestive system needs a while. It' quite simple to stay there for a whole sunday. There is no point naming all the places you can see in Burma, it matters whether you would rather stay on the shore or discover all the monasteries and places of worship Myanmar has to offers.

It is better not to think too much about security unless you want to waste long periods of time standing on your own two feet. 2. While we were not sure if English is used in our daily lives, we were pleased to find out that almost everyone in Burma speaks English. When you come to Burma from China (and you are not a sinologist), you will be in heaven, because there is no communications there.

You' re gonna like Burma. You' re gonna like Burma's scenery. Myanmar's biggest benefit continues to be the low number of international visits. Myanmar, of course, is slowly opening up to the tourist. However, compared to e.g. Thailand or China, Myanmar is still unexplored and not at all comercial.

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