Why did Burma Change its name to Myanmar

In Myanmar, why did Burma change its name?

Burma is sometimes just a simpler word. Not others, such as the US and the UK. Several news agencies refuse to change Burma and are still using it. The names have also changed in the minority areas, and here it was a real change. Jumping into Myanmar or Burma?

Clues to Burma's change of name to Myanmar

Burma is considered one of the most enigmatic places in the underworld. And until recently, almost nobody in Texas had a mobile telephone. "Backwater " is a concept that has been defining the people of Myanmar for centuries as change and modernisation in the 20th century by neighbours and the rest of the globe sweeping away Myanmar's old ways and former glories from the international scene, just as the once great Myanmar empire houses have fallen into disrepair and disintegrated through abandon.

Recent changes in Myanmar have been reported to many, as the regime, once tightly supervised by a reckless army june, is now taking delicate steps towards democratisation. In addition to the mystical atmosphere, "Myanmar" is a new name for most of those outside the country, which replaces the trusted Burma on most map of the globe.

Burma's name has become a weak, alien heritage for much of the West, a name most of us have come to know as kids in old romance stories or Indiana Jones-like film. Its name first attracted the fantasy of the whole wide globe when early English colonialists were writing about the lovely and omnipresent monasteries and shrines of this mostly buddhistic state.

However, in the years after the country's liberation, Burma went through a period of unrest as several groups fought to create a new nationhood and introduce it into the contemporary age. Everything has been done for centuries since this acquisition to erase the nation's past of colonialism - and to change many British minted titles. In particular, Burma was moved to Myanmar and Rangoon to Yangon.

What is a name? Burma derives its name from the name of the vast ethnic group in the state. Myanmar - a word that means "fast and powerful people" - is regarded as a literature of the same name, while Burma is based on the slang language of the people of the city. Since the name was formally renamed "The Republic of the Union of Myanmar" in the latter part of the 1980', many groups within the nation have been objectified - and many aliens have been bewildered.

What is more, some still refuses to recognise the new name formally, especially those in which the British-speaking world is dominant, such as the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. There are those who believe that this is because these leaders do not want to give credentials to a country's oppressed army or because they want to help indigenous peoples and politicians within Myanmar.

They do not recognise their governments and therefore do not believe that they have the authorities to change the name of the state. Shall I use Burma or Myanmar? Sadly, this debate does not leave us any nearer to a resolution as to the name that each of us should use to describe the state.

In other words, what name will our audiences recognise most, or do we run the chance of insulting someone if we use the "wrong" name? Many of us have a tendency to use both of them early in the interview to create comprehension, followed by the name we choose because of our own experiences, our own ages, our own purposes or other considerations.

It is never simple, especially if it is the name of an whole state! Heaven' s Family has been taking care of the "lease of these children" in Myanmar for over 15 years, the needs of orphaned children, widows, displaced persons, ill, handicapped persons and casualties of physical catastrophe. In Myanmar, our primary task is to promote the Lord Jesus Christ's reign on the ground.

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