Why did Burma Change its name

Can you explain why Burma changed its name?

Burma's argument that "Burma" has an ethnic-suprematist colour because it refers to the "Burmese" majority was fake. The name change was accepted by Germany and France. Nationality _ Burmese _ was also changed in Myanmar. "'Burma had the longest military regime in modern history,' says Callahan. Indeed, the military always makes superficial changes when it is in a political crisis.

Burma, Myanmar and the myth of objectivity

There has been a BBC ruling since my last posting to call "moving" and "Burma, Myanmar". I have always been interested in Burma because it was the big thing in the first few week when I started working in the field of the journal. Suu Kyi's late Aung San's late spouse was living in Oxford, and when the rallies erupted in September 1988 in Burma, I gave him television news: in those early online era he had practically no other way to find out what was going on.

Myanmar and Burma, as I understood it, have the same significance - Myanmar is more formally than the British-speaking Burma (or Burma as it was once written). A number of institutions/organisations, such as the UN, almost immediately began to use the new concept of Myanmar. Of course, many nations change their names.

BBC says one of the reasons it is heading towards Myanmar is that Myanmar is now becoming recognizable and trusted by the BBC audience. So, intelligence agencies have to make up their minds.

Old place names

How humans sometimes change their name or vanish completely. In the post-war period, the Bohemian and Moravian peoples of the Republic of Slovakia became part of the Slovaks to make up Czechoslovakia (the latter was split into the Slovak Republic and the Republic in 1993). Burma, a Asian nation, was re-named Myanmar by the Burmese army in 1989.

Konstantinopel was nominated after the Holy Roman Kaiser Konstantin. The Turks took the town, and they call it Istanbul. It was still known as Constantinople until 1930, when it became Istanbul. It was split between Poland, Germany and the USSR after the Second World War. The name Rhodesia in Africa comes from Cecil Rhodes, an Englishman who inspired white Europeans to set up in Africa.

Saigon, the capitol of South Vietnam, became Ho Chi Minh City when the Commie took over the area. His name was altered to Petrograd and then to Leningrad. 1991 it was re-named in St. Petersburg! Tanganjika and Zanzibar, in Africa, unified to one land, Tanzania. Zaire, the name of one of Africa's biggest states, was transformed to the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1997.

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