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His Majesty's death: Who' s in charge now?

A lot about the demise of Bhumibol was as anticipated. However, the choice to postpone the unction of his sons and heirs, the next royalty, Sr. Vajiralongkorn, surprised the population. The members of the National Legislative Assembly nominated by the army were convened for a extraordinary meeting two hour after the announcement of Bhumibol's deaths on the 13 October and were expecting to pass through the formal invitation to the accession of the Coron Sovereign.

But after a rendezvous between him and Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, they have not yet been informed of the name of the next king. They instead paid a nine-minute quiet homage to the deceased King and went home. Usually the inheritance should take place immediately after the deathbed.

For example, on June 9, 1946, when his older sister Ananda was murdered in a mysterious manner in his room, His Majesty Bhumibol was summoned to sit on the seat of the Holy Roman Empire at noon. However, during this period he was the official heir.

Goverment says the Crone Prince wants to take a while to grieve his fathers with the Thai nation before he takes the seat of the Emperor. So, who really has authority in Thailand now that Bhumibol is gone? The 96-year-old Prem Tinsulanonda is one of the close and powerful advisors to the deceased emperor, who in the past voiced misgivings about the abilities of the coronet.

However, at the present time the true powers in Thailand lie with the armyjunta who took over two years ago. This was the long relationship between the army and King Bhumibol through much of his rule, which made the empire the culmination of its reputation in the 1990s from a low in its fate when he joined in 1946.

Nonetheless, the colonels are very loyally to Bhumibol's desires, and he never staggered from his faith that his boy must succeed to the crown. The Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha has reassured the Thai nation that the process of following the traditions will run well. He/she said that they should not be concerned about when it will occur, but that they should join together to share joyful remembrances of the deceased King.

As many other things in the Thai Empire, even in this crucial period there are still some mysteries and ambiguities.

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