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Myanmar, an emerging market, is increasingly seen as strategically important and faces many difficulties. University of Greenwich, London welcomes students from Myanmar. Suren Verma, the ABE manager in Myanmar. Burma is a large, mostly rural country rich in natural resources.

Burma asks WHO to help combat HIV 1N1

NOYPYITAW - Myanmar's administration asked for help from the World Health Organization (WHO) on Wednesday after six out of 20 cases of HIV infection were reportedly fatal in the state. It has sent an formal WHO bulletin setting out its needs to combat the disease, said Dr Than Tun Aung, Assistant Director-General of the DoH.

On Sunday, Dr. Myint Htwe, Secretary of the Ministry of Health, will meet with global healthcare professionals and domestic and foreign doctors at Nursing University in Yangon on a nationwide conference on the disease risk assessment and management of HIV-1N1 at Nursing University in Yangon to agree on shortterm and long-term outcomes. Wanting to buy and supply vaccines," said a healthcare official from Naypyitaw, who asked for anonymity. However, the FDA's decision to make the vaccine available to the public was not easy.

Five of them are in Yangon and one in Matupi. On Wednesday, two kids were hospitalized at Yankin Children's Hospital in Yangon after suspicions of having contracted HIV/AIDS. Some of them were HIV 1N1 and others suffered from H3N2 influenza, according to the Department of Heath. Inquiries have been made by regional governments, such as China and the Philippines, about the Myanmar HIV epidemic, the Department said, and added that it is conducting controls at international airfields, ports and checkpoints to make sure the disease does not out.

Dr. Than Tun Aung said the Department of Human Services is doing its best to avoid the disease becoming a major threat to humanity. It has also sent government intervention crews to locations where the presence of HIV1N1 has been detected and keeps hospitals' personnel and patient outreach. You must also take good personal care," said Dr. Than Tun Aung.

Burma says it is asking WHO for help with an outbreak of Swine Influenza after the deaths of six more.

Last weekend, at least six deaths and 30 more infections occurred, causing Myanmar's public safety agencies to ask the World Heath Organization, the United Nations Food and Drug Administration, for help in combating a fatal case of influenza. The majority of the cases have been in the country's largest town Yangon, a senior Department of Public Health official said Thursday.

Anxious rumours have spread in the community since the first reports of death, and many Yangon citizens have put on surgery gowns in the hopes of fending off the disease. Goverment officers have appealed for peace and cautioned the general population not to visit overcrowded places such as commercial centres. "We' ve asked WHO for help," Than Tun Aung, Assistant Chief Medical Officer, said to AFP.

Yangon is infected by the same tribe that was first diagnosed in 2009, when a worldwide plague that US researchers believe could have caused the deaths of up to 575,000 humans was outbreaked. Burma was affected by the epidemic and recorded a record of 456 cases of influenza between 2009 and 16 years.

Groundbreaking news came when the South Myanmar government on Thursday declared that the fifth days of schooling would be closed following an avian influenza epidemic at a nearby aviary.

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