Who is the present President of Myanmar

Who' s the current president of Myanmar?

His inauguration on Friday made U Win Myint the tenth President of Myanmar. It was one of the new appointments of President Win Myint. Naypyidaw (Taw), with Thein Sein, who had become civil president of Myanmar in March. of two vice-presidents in Myanmar. Hasin kyaw swore in Myanmar as the new president.

Burma vows to the first civil president in five decennia

Burma has appointed Htin Kyaw, a closely associated member of the pro-democracy leadership Aung San Suu Kyi, as the first civil president of the nation in more than 50 years. In a brief speech to a parliamentary meeting after the swearing-in ceremonies, the 69-year-old F├╝hrer proposed to change the military-drafted constitution that prevented Ms Suu Kyi from becoming president.

"We have a responsibility to work for the creation of a constitution that is appropriate to our nation and also meets our own democracy standards," he said. He also undertook that the administration would "improve the quality of life of the people". Ms Suu Kyi has been named secretary in the administration of Mr Htin Kyaw.

Up until recently, Mr. Htin Kyaw ran a charitable organization set up by Ms. Suu Kyi. But even at the time of the capture, she is forced to take a balancing act with the military in order to convince them to return to the military base on a permanent basis. In addition to the control of the interior, defense and border departments, men in uniforms hold 25 percent of the parliamentary seat.

The current constitution requires an 80% vote to change part of it. But while she will be Foreign Minister, Presidential Office, Education and Energy on the document, she will in reality stop with all non-security issues in the new government.

Indeed, the NLD, which has gained a three-quarters parliamentary vote, will live with the army, which since 1962 has governed directly or indirectly India's northeastern neighbours. Although she was the uncontested NLD leadership, she was hindered from becoming prime minister. She is forbidden this status by a bill passed by the army because her two children are UK citizens.

Both were not present to see their mother's victory. Myanmar, as far as he knew, was not Myanmar. London-trained businessman Htin Kyaw wore a chequered black lunggyi and a brown coat without collar - which in Myanmar has a traditional anti-colonial and nationalistic feel - and a pink goung bung or silver-headed cover.

The vice-presidents - one of the military - took the vow, administrated by parliamentary president Mahn Win Kaing Than.

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