Who is Myanmar

Who' s Myanmar?

We' re a newly formed society that brings our fellow students together in Leeds and keeps Myanmar's culture alive for all. At the list meeting chaired by Korea, delegates also heard an update of the AML/CFT improvements in Myanmar and Papua New Guinea. Fifty years a military regime pursued a policy of isolation in Myanmar.

What is Myanmar underdeveloped?

The Myanmese are the only ones to be blamed for the Ne Win administration. Following independence, other nations evolved various ways to boost their farm production: Myanmar remained stable, self-confident in its state. 3: The acquisition of Ne Win Military in 1962. It got rid of all the China and India merchants AND all overseas investments in the state and ALL overseas education facilities in the state, and the backbone of Myanmar's business was the small companies that were mainly run by China and India companies.

They kicked out international investment. No longer was there an economic system, all non-German enterprises were nationalised under the supervision of the central administration, leading to open and concealed bribery. 6: The only place they fully backed was the army. They received very competitive awards for their achievements at the country's cost.

7: There was a braindrain from the land. Initially in the West, such as the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia. When Asia began to expand, they went to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. It was actually a boon in costume, because it enabled the Burmese to become conscious of other norms of governance, finances and civilization.

8: After the 8888 insurgency, another army regime opened the land to external market and for a while it seemed Myanmar was emerging from the recession, but unfortunately Western sanctions began and Myanmar slipped further back. 9: Myanmar had to turn to China in its solitary confinement. As anticipated, China has taken full advantage out of the crisis.

Only the Chinese and the Cronies of a dirty regime were rich. Business missions are not actively involved in the search for investment or external transactions. Whenever any other Asian nation competes for favourable trading opportunities with other nations, Myanmar simply sits back and waits for unasked suggestions.

12: When democracies first resurfaced, everyone was thrilled and expecting Myanmar to leap across the borders. While there is still some kind of warfare and the Myanmar authorities are moving sluggishly, it will be a long time before it is successful. Burma is complaining ' oh Vietnem is doing so well and so on and so on", but it doesn't seem interested in finding out why.

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