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The world hoped that when Aung San Suu Kyi won a landslide victory in Myanmar, she would end decades of human rights violations. The relations between Italy and Myanmar are firmly anchored in the country's history. Insecure abortion is the third leading cause of maternal mortality in Myanmar, where abortion is only legal to save women's lives. Evidence of Zika virus infection in Myanmar. The French authorities are mobilising their efforts to help the people of Rakhine State (Burma/Myanmar).

Myanmar: Smartphone sexual training arrives

There is no such thing as MOSTURBATION in Myanmar - not the usual practise, but the term itself, which is missing in the state-recognized vocabulary. Linguistics do not agree whether "vagina" and "penis" are equivalent in Burmese. The majority of humans just point to their parts of the human organism or use a euphemism, says Nandar, a grassroots campaigner who translated female lit.

At a Burmese New Year celebration, Yangon prohibited the sales of contraception and Viagra in the hopes of reducing sexual outrage. "The Vagina Monologues", a daring piece, was recently staged in the trading capitol Yangon. A few years ago, the simple English release of the V-word in a newspaper caused such a commotion that the newspaper apologized.

However, even if the Myanmar sex revolutionary did not reach Myanmar, the technology revolutionary did. Smart phones are altering the way Burmese people see their body. Last year, the trailers for "Violet of Myanmar", the country's first high-resolution film for adults, caused a hurricane when it was made available on the Internet. But on the positive side, they now have at least the undeniable evidence that there really is such a thing as mas-turbation.

Ross Dunkley, an Aussie editor, busted in Myanmar for drug offenses.

WALKLEY AWARD winner Ross Dunkley was apprehended in Myanmar after being reportedly found on the streets with tablets, pot and pop. Former Aboriginal editor Ross Dunkley was detained for drugs offenses after Myanmar P.D. attacked his home in Yangon, the Yangon area' s daily newscast. The AKonThi website reported that Dunkley was presented to the newspaper with another westerner and eight natives.

Stoppages and apprehensions were made after a riot by Dunkley's hired residency on San Ye Twin Road, Bahan Township, at 8.15am on Thursday, the document says. One of the other foreigners detained was named John McKenzie, who was seen as Dunkley's associate in a new publishing company. Major Thein Win explained to the Irrawaddy website that Dunkley was gram of 797 yoaba tablets and 303 cristal methamphetamine powder or ices, was gram stuck at his home.

Others report that 30 of the 30 yeaba pills were confiscated, along with 22 g of egg and 1.5 g of almonds. and the possible selling of dope. Under Myanmar's strict narcotic law, holding or trading in prohibited narcotic substances results in imprisonment of at least 10 years with a total term of imprisonment of indefinite duration.

Former Walkley Prize laureate Dunkley established and ran the Myanmar Times and was also part of the acquisition of the Phnom Penh Post by Western Australia's coal miner Bill Clough, who recently divested the paper to Malaysia's interests allegedly linked to the Kambodian state. The Myanmar Times was formed in 2000 by Dunkley and Sonny Swe, the brainchild of a senior army news official, who was imprisoned for violating the country's law of censure for 14 years in 2005.

He was sentenced in 2011 for immigrant crimes, along with an attack by a women widely accused of being a sexual harass.

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