White House Hotel Yangon

Yangon White House Hotel

The White House Hotel, Yangon region: The White House Hotel, Yangon (Rangoon) image: The White House Hotel, Yangon (Rangoon) image: Address, telephone number, website, directions, opening hours and description can be found in our catalogue. Hotel White House address, phone number, email, reviews and photos. Yangon White House Hotel YOU HAVE NOT RESERVED. WOULD NOT ACCOMPTURE would not accompture after 10pm. 2016.

22 $ doubleroom 26 $ triples room 30 $ ("a/c", inside bathrooms with windows )family room 8 $ per person ("approx. - 10 beds") only for groups of 5 persons or more ("a/c", inside bathrooms with windows) without breakfast.

THERE' MAYBE A MODIFICATION IN PRICES. What happens when you get to our hotel? When cancelling a reservation, please log in before replying. You will receive a confirmation of your reservation the next morning. Because.............. some folks just book. We' re keeping room for reservations. Not an answer ubiquitous to book.

Inlays ( kalaw) 2: 00 o'clock 15000 yat (12 hours) . Ba?an 6: 00 15000 yat (10 hours). MNDALAY 8: 30 pm / 8: 00 pm 12000 yat (9 hours) . {\a6}(??}Mawlamyine 7 /am ...8: 00 pm 12000 yat (7 hours) .

Sasha Kyaik HI YO on pm 8000 Kat (4 hours). PATHEHN at pm 8000 kilo (4 hours). I' m on Chaung Tha Beach 6: 00 o'clock 11000 kyat(7 hours)Ngwe Saung......... 11000k yat (7 hours). Beach Ngapali 3: 30 pm 16000 yat (14 hours) .

Myawaddy 6: 00 o'clock 11000 yat (14 hours) . Time-lapse: 00 o'clock (23 hours) . other............ Air surrenders, Yangon Airway, Golden Myanmar Thai 12 hours. pyay 09 hours . Avallamyine 09 hours .

Ongoing....................... 02 hours....... We' ll try our best to make your room, but we ask you to make your reservation one full working days before your arrival, or we'll have to give your room away. Instead, if possible, we will give you another room. e.g.: air conditioning or fan or with or without windows, indoors or out.

NOTE: The prices are also different..... other rooms, other prices..... We can modify your reservation, but also the prices, if you wish. Yangon Yownship .

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