Which area to Stay in Yangon

What area should remain in Yangon?

What are the best areas to stay in Yangon? They didn't pay me to make this recommendation or get free accommodation for it. Anyone can find accommodation in Yangon that suits their needs, from budget to luxury. As this luxury hotel brand moved to the city, you knew Myanmar was back on the tourist map. The Deluxe King came after reading reviews about how loud the rooms at the lake could get.

Accommodation in Yangon - My Oh Myanmar !

They didn't pay me to make this referral or give me free shelter. Yangon has many proper accommodations these day. It' where I am so I know, I wasn't just looking around for a second. And I think his dorm is a very good choice for budgets travelers who don't want to go to the slums - especially when they travel alone, which I often do.

Mostly I don't go in for commending accommodations unless it's in one out if the way that's not in the travel guides. I' m making an exemption here because the first stop for most tourists is still Yangon and Myanmar and the mad housing in Yangon is a true challange for anyone looking for good value for money housing.

I was a price-conscious traveler myself and spent the night in a room in a $15 to $45 three-way in 2011, so I looked for options. One of my travel companions suggested Chan Myaye Guesthouse and I have been here every single times I was in Yangon since then.

With the same cost increase as others, Chan Myaye has slightly raised room prices over the years - but not by 200%. To be able to keep offering good value lodging at the lowest possible cost, in 2012 they set up a good value (although the shower could be better) residence so that they can still afford a room - in a neat, secure and welcoming setting - right in the centre of the town for only $12, including a good buffet breakfest, although given the high standard and choice of lunches available on the streets and in teashops, I don't know why anyone wants to have breakfasts in their hotels.

So the continued popularity and fame of Chan Myaye travelers (believe me, not only click on the Tripadisor links below) is no wonder. It is not in the latest (but already outdated) LP-Guide. It' in Le Routard and Stefan Loose. Here is the fundamental low-down on Chan Myaye, well situated in the centre of the city at 256/257 Mahabandoola Garden Street (also known as Barr Street), Kyauktada Township, Yangon.

Many people, as is customary in Yangon, have no window. All in all I would say that Chan Myaye's personal rooms are up to scratching, but there is good value for money contest around for them now that new places have opened up, especially if you share. Chan Myaye is characterized by its calm, bright, well appointed and very comfy place to sleep with 30 beds.

Every berth has its own air conditioning, lights and electricity source. A few are of equal standard, but less well situated, narrower (in one the blankets are not even 2 meters high!) or more expensively - the latest supplements are Japanese'flashpackers' with sleeping places, which cost 20 dollars.

Other are of lower qualitiy at the same cost. They all have warm running waters around the clock, but they could be renovated as soon as possible.

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