Which Airlines Fly to Myanmar

What airlines fly to Myanmar?

Booking your flight to Miami, Florida today! Airline companies to Myanmar (MM) The airlines that fly to Myanmar are shown here. The Skyscanner allows you to find the lowest fares to Myanmar (from thousands of airlines such as Emirates, Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines) without having to fill in certain data or even find one. For a low-cost Myanmar ticket, select from the Myanmar travel lists below, or use the link on the page to find more information.

Most of Myanmar Travel Memos

Would you like to go on this journey? The journey requires a great deal of going - often barefooted. You will live in a community lodge in the centre of Myanmar, in basic accommodations with finite capacity and equipment. The excursion will take you on a full-time hike through the Kalaw area. Burma is a warm and moist land in general, although it can be much colder in winters.

When you can't stand the hot weather, you should consider a journey in the colder winters (November - February). Burma is a big nation and there are many long travelers. You should be expecting to be spending a great deal of your own travel in a car when you travel between the two. Prebooked transfers are possible if agreed at the moment of reservation.

At least 15 working nights before your scheduled take-off, please let us know your flights arrivals data. In case you are planning an early journey, this can only be arranged in connection with an accomodation reserved via Intrepid before the trip. The journey from the Grand Laurel Hotel to the international airports takes about 20 min (depending on traffic) and costs about USD 18,- Although we always strive to offer the best possible vacation experiences, due to the type of trip and the areas we are visiting, it can sometimes go bad.

If problems arise during your journey, it is essential that you immediately contact your group manager or our regional agent so that they can do their best to resolve the situation and avoid possible adverse effects on the remainder of your itinerary.

There may be periods when your group leader/local affiliate is unable to solve a problem to your fullest satisfaction - if this is the case, ask the supervisor to talk to his or her immediate supervisor. Or you can give us your specifics in your on-line feed-back, which you should fill in within 30 working nights of the end of your itinerary.

However, please note that it is very hard for us to offer hands-on help after the journey. If there is a real crises or an emergencies, you can contact our regional operators on the following number. Myanmar. Welcome to Myanmar. We will collect policy information and information about the next of kin when we meet, so please make sure you give this information to your guide.

When you have a few minutes before the rendezvous to discover the city, we suggest you take the roads of Yangon. Take the Yangon Circle Line trains for a three-hour drive or go to Bogyoke Market and bargain with the natives? There is also the Sule Paya Pagoda, a 2000 year old gold sanctuary, and the Gems Museum, which contains some of the greatest numbers of sapphires, rubies and jades in the game.

It is possible that you will need a cab to get back and forth between some of these rides; a one-way ticket should be around 4,000 MMK. Maybe you want to get there early so you can get to today's group reunion and have a chance to discover Yangon. We will be pleased to reserve extra accommodations for you (subject to availability).

Begin the outing with a walk through Yangon. You will be shown the center of the village and some of the most important sights in the area. You begin your trip with a sightseeing trip and see the archeological site in the morning. Following the sightseeing trip, you' ll be taken to Shwezigon Paya, one of the most important places of Buddhism in the capital, which also contains a complex for the pre-Buddhist gods, the 37 Nat.

You will receive a bike and be guided through the complex by a resident tour leader. It lasts about 2.5 hrs, with flight time averaging 45 min (can vary between 1 hr and 20 min depending on the location). Inquire at your travel agency about the possibilities of Premium and Classical services.

It is not necessary to be a serious biker to do the trip, but if for some reasons you cannot take part in the trip, your guide can organise a car to take you around the attractions (at extra cost). Perhaps you would like to devote more of your free day to discover the stands of the archeological site, the cafés in the city or the Nyaung U Markt - one of the most interesting marketplaces in the area.

Taxi to these locations costs about 5.000,- MMK. You can also take a full excursion to Mt Popa, a hill with convents and Stupa. From 60.000 MMK your guide can help you to organize the transportation to Mt. Popa at the best prices, and the costs can be shared among the group members taking part.

Today, head off the beaten track to downtown Myanmar. Trip by car for about two hour, with a stopover at a small bus stop at a nearby fair. Come to your own exclusive out of Myaing City, just off Bagan, to see a ground-breaking community-based touristic effort in Myanmar. In the first of the villages, have dinner and listen to a talk about the projects from a member of the church (your guide will translate).

Horseback to a second town and get to know the locals' agriculture and seasons. Staying at the Fellowship Laodge is easy. The current is pulsating, so we suggest that you take a flashlight and recharge all your electric equipment before arrival. After a few moments by bicycle, you stop in a small town for a plain rustic buffet made by the locals.

At the end of your day, you will ride your bike to another town, and go to a women's co-operative to find out more about weave, sew and handicraft (this is where intrapid handbags are made). Take the public transport to Mandalay with a midday break. It takes about six hrs from the Mandalay to Mandalay.

Your commander is taking you on a hike through Mandalay this mornings. This is Mingun Pahtodawgyi, a huge stupa that would have been the biggest in the whole wide open after its completion. You will also see the world's biggest jingling bells and the wonderful Pagoda Hsinphymae Pagoda, which is located by.

On your way back to Mingun, you will be in Mandalay, where you will have plenty of free afternoon to do some of your favourite things. This evening you will be visiting Mandalay Hill, where Lord Buddha is said to have made a foot print. Remain here for the setting sun and admire the view over the sparkling Stupa and lively mosaic of the town at this magic hour of sun.

You will be taken to a teaplantation and some small towns by a native tour leader. When you have evenings, you can stop at some of the city's beautiful marquees and a small village fair. For this part of the journey you will need an appropriate degree of physical condition and be sure to wear suitable walking boots.

Today depart Kalaw towards Nyuangshwe, where you will spend your day at Inle Lake. Our trip takes us to the spa of Nyuanshwe, which will be our basis for the next few nights as we head out to Inle Lake. Because of the extreme tourist traffic at Lake Inle we are not always able to provide our preferential accomodation.

In periods like these, we may need to remain in a lower-quality home than in other travel locations on this itinerary. You will see some of the locals living on the shores of the river, among them fishermen who use a pronounced bone breeding techniques on their vessels, swimming plantation of tomatoes and metallurgical plants such as silversmith, weaver and cigarmaker.

You may even see the revolving markets that circumnavigate the pond every five nights. There is also a gold boat used during the Phaung Daw Oo Festivals. Stop in the village for a few more visits to see the natives and then return to your Nyaungshwe shelter.

Maybe you' ll go to a vineyard near by to taste a glass of wine, or take a cruise to the Indein Temples and surrounding towns. Contact your manager about these options. For the last part of the stay there are no scheduled events and you can leave the lodging at any moment.

Since there is much to see and do in Yangon, we suggest you extend your holiday by a few additional nights to make the most of the package. Maybe you do some of the things proposed at the beginning of the tour or ask your guide about our Urban Adventures daily itineraries.

Departures from our hotels to the airports can be agreed at the moment of book. Please give us your arrivals at least 15 working nights before depart. Departures can only be made in combination with Intrepid reserved accomodation after the trek.

Ask your guide about the departures times so that you have enough free space to get to your destination. If you need help organising a taxicab, you can contact the front desk of the hotels. It is very important that you make a printout of a copy of your basic itinerary a few nights before your journey and check if there are any changes that could have an impact on your plan.

Please do not hesitate to ask your agency or our team. Sequence and times of activity at each site may also change from case to case. Rates are estimated and are for admission only and do not cover transportation to and from the locations or your guide, unless otherwise stated.

Activity is dependent on availablility and it may not be possible to complete all activity within the times available at each city. Single room supplement for a private room can be booked on this journey, depending on available, and does not include day 6 (Community Lodge), when you are accommodated in a flat-sharing community.

When making your reservation, please enter your personal data with the name of your travel document, as this is indispensable for the reservation of travel service. In Intrepid you can choose an option to fly over the Bagan (end of October to March). The number of places is restricted and we suggest that you make an appointment with your agents.

As of January 1, 2019, this journey will remain for another overnight in our community center and one less in Bagan. These changes are due to travelers' comments that their community visit is a high point of their Myanmar vacation and that another full moon and another full moon will allow us to dive into this one.

The name on your ID card must match the name on your reservation and your ticket. You will need your personal data to make your reservation. Immigration regulations are subject to changes at any moment, so it is important that you inquire about the latest information. It can take several days to get a visa so that you can familiarize yourself with all the necessary information once you have made your reservation in order to meet the turnaround times.

DAY MYANMAR (Burma): - Duration of your 28 day residence from your date of arriving in Myanmar. - For the eVisum the handling period is about 3 working day, in case of delay we suggest a longer handling period. - EV visa letters are valid for 90 working day from the date of issuance.

  • VISAs are only valid for one-time travel to Myanmar and you may not re-enter on any of the eVisas you have previously used. When entering another Myanmar point of entrance, you must obtain your visas in advanced from a Myanmar embassy.

Nationals who cannot obtain an eVisa should apply to the Myanmar Mission in their home state. Make sure you have thoroughly studied the route when choosing your journey and evaluate your capacity to deal with our itineraries. Before you leave, check with your physician about current health information or necessary inoculations and malaria regulations.

It is recommended that you bring first aids and all your own medicine (including replacement glasses), as these are not always readily available at the places on this itinerary. In view of the possible transfer of the illness to newborns and a very careful procedure, we advise all those girls who are preggers or who are trying to get preggers to seek advice from their doctor before travel.

You can ask your group guide to suggest a restaurant that you can try out during your group. In order to give you the greatest possible freedom in choosing where, what and with whom you would like to dine, not all of our meal times are usually covered by the travel itinerary. federation in myanmar: Myanmar is described as milder and oilier than neighboring states.

Often it is easy (eggs, sandwiches, jams and coffee/tea are the most common), or there is only a small regional one. Much of Myanmar's cooking contains groundnuts or is prepared with groundnut seed oils. If you have an allergy, please let your chief know. The manager will help you to suggest a restaurant that meets the required hygienic standards.

Accomodation specified in the daily schedule is a guide. In some cases it may be necessary to make other provisions due to the unavailability of rooms in our familiar accommodations. In these cases, a similar level of housing is used. During the whole journey we ask our accommodations to arrange the rooms in good condition for our arrivals, especially if we arrive before the regular check-in-times.

However, this is not always possible, which means that we cannot immediately register at some of our hotel on your booking. When you have bought a room before or after the journey (if available), you may need to switch rooms from your travel home for these additional overnight stays. LODGING IN MYANMAR: As the tourist industry begins to evolve, the standard of lodging may be lower than in other AP.

As Myanmar has recently become a favourite travel destinations, prices have also increased due to high levels of consumer demands, although the standard can still be quite simple. MEYANMAR FLIGHTS: In order for your airline ticket to be valid, please enter your name in your ID card 45 working nights before your date of depart. We fly the following security certified airlines for domestic flights:

Gold Myanmar Airlines, Yangon Airways, Air Kan Baw Za (KBZ) and Mann Yadanarpon Airlines. As a rule, airlines make last-minute changes to our validated group reservations on domestic services and rebook the group at previous or later schedules than foreseen. You will be accompanied by extra guides on your return and arrivals.

Some of the transports can be very confined and without A/C. Donating Money: When it comes to traveling, every traveler is a little different. Also, make sure you have thoroughly reviewed your journey information so you know what is and is not covered by the tour itinerary.

You can find this information in the "Inclusions" section of your basic travel information (this is this document). $350 is recommended for food not covered. Myanmar: Myanmar's local currency, the K (pronounced K). We no longer accept currencies for Myanmar shopping. The guide will give you advice on how to change your coins during your journey.

Although tips are not a part of Myanmar's tradition, it is becoming more and more frequent and appropriate to have enjoyed good people. Tips are not obligatory on your journey, but they can make a big deal of a difference for natives working in the tourist sector. It is easy to carry small banknotes in your own country's currencies.

The first day your guide will talk to you about the possibility of a group tip kite, each contributing an equivalent amount and your guide will pay the tip for the driver, guide and personnel (except for restaurants). Leaders keep an ongoing log of all funds that can be reviewed at any given moment, and all funds left at the end of the trip are given back to group members.

The tip does not contain any advice for your guide. Optionally tip for this trip: $35 per capita (can be purchased in your country's currency). Her guide: Alternatively, you may consider giving your guide a tip for excellent services throughout the journey. You are free to tip more or less, of course, according to your perceptions of the services you provide and the length of your journey.

In general, we suggest that you grab as easily as possible and ensure that you can take and pick up your own baggage and cover brief journeys on foot, which includes up and down staircases and in bustling workstations. As a rule, our passengers find that the smaller their baggage is, the more they are enjoying the journey without having to take care of wearing large pockets!

Overweight baggage fees can be directly charged to the carrier at check-in. When your journey begins and ends at the same place, your extra baggage can usually be kept at the arrivals and departures hotels and picked up after your journey. Dressing codes are upright in Myanmar, and for visiting places of worship you must also be wearing clothes that cover your knees and trousers and skirts.

There will be a bigger set with your guide, but we suggest that you bring with you objects such as gentle painkillers, elektrolytes and tape. Our recommendation is a 1.5 litre canister. Whilst Myanmar does not provide mains running waters, some banks have strained potable waters available. You' ll have electricity to charge your electric devices for most of the day, but this is a good back-up.

LANGAL DRESS: The recommended minimum volume is 1.5 litres. Though we do our best to make during this period as described in the travel route, it is likely that there will be some changes in terms of transportation, lodging or the period required in each travel destinations due to the restricted range of amenities available at that moment.

Despite the challenge, most travelers really enjoy attending Myanmar during the festival and participating in local nautical events throughout the state. Departure on April 7, 12 and 14, 2018 will take place in Myanmar during Thingyan. MuYANMAR CLIMATE: Myanmar has a rainforest that can be very different in the whole state.

Droughts last from November to February and during this period it can be chilly, especially in key areas such as Bagan, Kalaw and Inle Lake. It is the warmest and driesiest month in March and April, when the temperature and air are high. Intrepid group tours are guided by one of our group guides.

It is the goal of the group manager to take the trouble out of your trips and help you to make the best possible one. Due to the seasonal nature of the tours, however, there may be unusual occasions when your guide is new to a particular area or is educating other group guides.

The guide will inform you about the places where you are going, suggest activities and sights, suggest great restaurants and present you to our locals. Although they are not leaders in the conventional meaning, you can still count on them to have a wide general understanding of the places you will visit, covering historic, culturally, religiously and socially.

Intrepid wants to help you to find the best places to go in the area. So if you were interested in getting to know the area' s cultural life in a particular place, your tour manager can suggest a tour operator in most of the major cities of your journey.

A number of domestic authorities offer a regular advisory services on security matters related to travelling internationally. Before you leave, we suggest that you obtain the latest information from your local authorities and make sure that your cover applies to all areas of your route. Our website provides useful information on how to get there and security related news about our journey.

It is highly recommended that you use a purse or purse when traveling to keep your passports, airline passes, currency and other precious objects safely. Most of our properties have lockers, which are the safest way to store your belongings. You will be accompanied by your guide during all of your travel but you will have some free space to follow your own interests, to unwind and unwind or to discover in peace.

Whilst your manager will help you with the available choices at a specific place, please be aware that any elective actions you take are not part of your intrapid route, and intrapid makes no assurances about the security of the action or the standards of the operator performing it. In your free timeframe, please select an option of your choice.

Also, please be aware that your tour guide has the right to change or cancelling any part of the route if considered necessary for security reasons. You can find more information about the nature of the terms and security stan-dards you can await on your journey in Intrepid's Corporate Security Policies on our website.

It is recommended that you take a few moments to review this information before traveling and we welcome any response as to how well it is being used: we look forward to hearing from you: Note that the applicable legislation for tourist establishments in this area is different from that in your home jurisdiction and not all accommodations we use have a fire outlet, fire extinguisher or fire detector.

Please note that your national legislation on transit security may differ from that in your home jurisdiction and not all shipments we use may include harnesses. You are advised to be careful when you go alone at nights and we urge you to go together on well-lit highways only.

Intrepid's travelling culture is a culture of mutual esteem for all those we meet, especially the locals who make our holiday destination so unique. If any member of the group is found with narcotics in their property or if they use prostitution, our group leaders have the right to exclude them.

Everybody has the right to feeling save and protected on his journey. Intrepid will not accept any kind of abuse (verbal or physical) or molestation at Intrepid, either between customers or with the involvement of our guides, community carriers or natives. It is not acceptable to have sex (consensual or otherwise) between a driver and a customer.

Should you ever have the feeling that another individual is acting improperly, please notify us immediately by calling the appropriate number given in these itineraries. While traveling in a group, you will be subject to all the joys and perhaps also some frustration of traveling in a group.

Please understand the different needs and tastes of your group - sometimes it takes a little bit of perseverance with your companions to promote everyone's travelling as well. When asked to be in one place at a certain point in the day, make sure you don't keep the remainder of the group in.

We' ve found that the best journeys we make are those where the group' s dynamism works well - that's just a little work. For data protection purposes, we cannot give you your contacts or your travel companions' information that has been reserved before depart.

INDIVIDUAL TRAVEL: Our group tours are intended for common accommodations and do not include an obligatory surcharge for a one-room stay. Individuals sharing accommodations with persons of the same sex, which range from double rooms to multi-bed rooms. Several of our routes have accommodations of varying sexes and may be listed in our travel information.

If you choose our tours, you can choose to add a surcharge for a one-bedroom to make sure you have your own lodging (if available). This is only valid for accomodation during the route - before and after the journey are reserved as individual rooms. For all our travels a travelling insurances is obligatory.

It is strongly recommended that the cover also cover your own responsibility, cancellations, reductions and losses of baggage and belongings. If you are on a journey, you may only join the group after your tour guide has provided proof of a tour guide's health and the 24 hours number of the insurer.

When you have your own cardholder account, your group manager will need information about the participant insurer/underwriter, the cover ratio, the cardholder's cardholder's insurance number and the emergencies number. He or she will not need the name of the institution and the cardholder's name. For this information, please check with your home banking institution before entering the state. On the whole, this means that we try to minimize the adverse effects of the tourist industry on the culture and environment we are visiting and to emphasize the upside.

For further information and ideas on how to become a conscientious traveler, please see our website. Millions of refugees have passed the Myanmar-Bangladesh line since the end of August 2017 following the outbreak of the Rakhine state outbreak. It is expected that the human rights conditions in the area will deteriorate.

Through the Intrepid Foundation, make a donation to the Australian Red Cross Myanmar Crisis Appeal. We double every $20,000 you give to help the Red Cross assist in the relief efforts of all those affected by the Rakhine state' s violent events, even those who have worked for security in neighboring states.

The Red Cross team in Myanmar provides first-aid and healthcare for the wounded and distributes safe potable and food. The Red Cross works with the municipalities to increase community resistance and sends specialized helpers to help in emergency, reconstruction and emergency response missions.

WERE WE STILL TO MYANMAR? He never went to or near Rakhine State. But we really believe that travelling can be a power for good, it creates comprehension and makes us less biased and more sensitive. Our aim is to involve as much as possible true, authentic, local interactions in our journeys, as this brings both our travelers and our community into contact with different culture and viewpoints and the realities that we are all people.

For the Myanmar crisis call to the Intrepid Foundation, please go to www.theintrepidfoundation. org/myanmar-emergency-appeal. LANGAL DRESS: In order to comply with this and for your own convenience, we strongly suggest unassuming attire. Whilst we are respectful of everyone's choices during the trip, Intrepid does not involve bull riding or non-natural performing activity on a route, and we suggest that you avoid these during your sojourn.

This" marvellous brochure", illustration by a broad palette of Myanmar caricaturists, will help you to learn to understand the Myanmar tradition and to make Myanmar a better place to life and a better place to be. We have supported a number of initiatives, including our efforts to help develop and protect the area.

That' s why we created the Intrepid Foundation - to make it easy for travelers who want to give something back to the community in an efficient and useful way. Intrepid Foundation is a non-profit foundation that offers a range of outstanding grass-roots organizations to which you can donate. Ask your director for information about the Intrepid Foundation supported or visit our website:

Intrepid Foundation has formed a partnership with Action Aid to help women's self-help groups (SHG) in Myanmar. Acting Aid has worked with four towns in a drought-affected area in the Magway region of Bagan, Kenya, central Myanmar, to establish a new micro-financing programme. In order to guarantee the viability of the projects, Action Aid Myanmar will further offer qualification measures and assistance in expanding the businesses and facilitate the municipalities' accessibility to the ressources and utilities of their work.

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