Which Airlines Fly to Burma

What airlines fly to Burma?

Burma National Airlines also serves international destinations. Arrival via Myanmar (Burma) Nearly everyone in Myanmar reaches either Yangon or Mandalay airfields with almost limitless travel. There' s also an internatinal airfield in the capitol Nay Pyi Taw, although only a few airlines use it at the moment. Myanmar Airways Internacional only operates to Asian countries.

As a rule, the best way to get to Myanmar from outside the area is by air to a local airport such as Bangkok or Singapore. Actual Asian destinations cover Yangon from Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Bangkok. It has four Thai checkpoints: It' possible to make a full excursion to Myanmar for a $10 or 500 BTB charge, but if you are travelling on a single travel permit, do not select the Three Pagodas Pass as you will not receive a new Thai Cachepa.

When you want to look around before your trip back to Thailand, you must hand in your pass at the Thai frontier and come back before the passage ends for the entire journey (usually at 6 pm, but check). In theory, if you want to stay more than one night in Myanmar, it is possible to enter through Ranong-Kawthaung and Mae Sai-Tachileik, but not with a normal visas.

Earlier sailings require a temporary permission that is not available in the office unless you have reserved an extra cost resorts or liveaboard. You can apply for a fortnightly residence visa at the frontier for the latter, but this does not allow trips beyond the limit. Tachileik-Mae Sai is also the only cross country route where foreign nationals who have arrived by plane are permitted to leave Myanmar, but it is by no means easy.

While it is simple to obtain a free visa to Tachileik (apply to the Thai Department of Migration in Kengtung), entry into Thailand is subject to agreement with Myanmar Travels & Tours (the Yangon Provincial Tourism Board). Don't count on it being possible until you have the approval; anticipate the trial to take a few week and costs at least $50, plus you may be asked to take a resident guidebook to the frontier.

When all goes well, you should get a fifteen-day visas upon your arriving in Thailand, if you don't have one yet. Between Ruili (Yunnan province) and Muse there is a foreigners' checkpoint. In theory, the passage between Moreh in India and Tamu is open to non-nationals, but cumbersome licensing conditions - which, with a little luck, can take several month - mean that it is not a practicable itinerary.

Currently it is not possible for foreign nationals to travel from Laos or Bangladesh to Myanmar.

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