Wheres Burma

So where' Burma?

Indeed, the Wa ethnic army (UWSA) is basically a PLA representative, so where is this Burmese pride in its "sovereignty"? Find out all about Burma Ruby, including choosing a gem for your collection. How does riding an elephant feel? How does Thai money look like Wheres Burma? Burmese superstar is Burmese food.

So where' s the best Indian food in San Francisco?

A thousand flee Myanmar in horror. Where is your hash day for Rohingya Muslims?

They are besieged, scorned, brutally disadvantaged and described by many multinational relief organizations as "among the most oppressed in the world". They' ve been in Burma for three generation, but they have no legal privileges, no nationality, no protection. Are Rohingya Muslims on the way to extinction?

Myanmar's cheerful Buddhist extremists have mistreated and intimidated the Rohingya ethnic group forever. This last cleanup took place after Rohingya rebels last Friday assaulted thirty policing posts and killed 11 deaths. Not only has it neglected to defend the Rohingya group from injustice, it now condemns them all. Cans of UN global nutrition cookies have been found near the places where the recent riots took place, so the steel-hard ringleader is accusing relief organizations of treason and support for their nation's antagonists.

It was ( or seemed) a democracy and advocate of the protection of human freedoms. After he died of the disease, she chose to remain in Burma for two years. Besides, the guys she's after are Muslims. I cannot tolerate the general complacency that persists when Muslims are harassed and terrorized by non-Muslim chiefs, government, militias, the army and the right.

The majority of Muslims are murdered or mutilated in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere. Even good English whites have less understanding of impeccable Muslims after every time of terror. And, unlike the similarly endangered Muslims of Bosnia in 1994, the West's coalition will not step in to rescue Rohingya Muslims.

Where' s that?!

Find out why Ashton called Myanmar his one-of-a-kind Asian adventure! Ashton Giese, the GAYographer's visiting blogs and travelogues, want to put gays and lesbians at the mercy of real culture with tailor-made trips abroad and support the cause of GAYography's SAR. Do you want to go to a place that is one of a kind and evolving, yet still functionally and relatively secure?

See the magic south-east Asiatic Mayanmar. In spite of much increasing pain and a still shadowy regime, adventurous tourist have explored Myanmar (formerly Burma) at an interesting time in its story. So if you are looking for a challenging, fun and pleasant place to visit, take a look at this up-and-coming state.

It may always be hard to be in a relatively right-wing culture, but the dominant religious belief (buddism) is still relatively ambiguous and one probably finds kind faces like everywhere else in the whole wide globe.

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