Where to Visit in Yangon

Sights in Yangon

And Yangon is incredibly underestimated & Here's why you need to visit it. The best sights in Yangon. Yangon, what to eat and our favorite food in Myanmar, have you ever been there? There are some who say that you should not start your visit to Myanmar from Yangon. Visiting the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar is a must for any tourist who wants to visit Myanmar.

Where are the places to go to see Yangon?

Buddha School - There are many fine Buddha Schools in Yangon that are renowned for their architectural styles, such as Shwedagon Paya, Chaukhtatgyi Paya, Ngahtatgyi Paya and many more. This temple is carved with valuable golden and gems that make it even more special and stunning. The Kandawgyi Sea - This is an man-made sea that looks really appealing at dusk when the reflections of Shwedagon fall on it.

Lake Inya - Lake Inya is even more attractive and larger than Lake Kandawgyi. Don't miss this place when you go to Yangon. Volkspark - This is a fully designed garden with lovely floral garden, fountain. From here you have a scenic look at Shwedagon Paya. Which are the best places in Yangon, Myanmar?

Though Yangon is not the capitol of Myanmar, it is still the capitol of Myanmar with greativersity. I add the Yangon sightseeing lists here: In my view, Yangon doesn't have much to see. I was more than horny when I came to see Yangon in March 2017.

Yangon's first place to be visited is the Shwedagonagoda, the country's symbol. Botahtaung-Pagode, Chaukhtakgyi-Pagoda and Kabaraye-Temple/Pagoda (World Peacemaker Pagoda) are also known to visitors. The city centre with its numerous monuments, cathedrals and mausoleums is very inviting for many visitors all over the globe for those who are not interested in the city.

And Yangon is a great place. There are many excursion destinations such as pagodas, parks, etc.

Weather Yangon - best travel season

Yangon's mean temp is about 82°F (28°C). There are three seasons: the arid period, the warm period and the rainy one. This is the best period to explore Myanmar, with the best of all. Dryland is cool at night, usually around 59°F (15°C), so warm clothing is called for.

The Ngapali beaches offer an ideal place to relax during this summer and the water is high enough for outings. As this is the main travel time, the prices for airline and lodging are higher than at other time. Yangon is wetter than other places because it is near the beaches.

In general the ponds are colder, e.g. Lake Inya is a good place to relax. When you can stand the hottest weather, you will find that the cost of travelling and staying overnight during the hottest months of the year is lower than at other periods, and the masses of visitors are smaller. Both the Shwedagon Pagoda Festival and the Thingyan Water Festival are two major activities in Yangon that attract many each year.

Rainfalls begin in May and it is high season for monsoons in June. This is not the best season to visit Yangon, as there is more precipitation than in other areas due to its southcoast. As most bathing areas are shut down at this hour, it is not a good season for the sands.

There is good reason to know that the prices of airline travel and lodging should be the cheapest this summer, and you can count on fewer people, especially when you travel to your favourite destination. Since the first place most travellers select when travelling to Myanmar, Yangon should be a good place to experience a South-East town.

The Buddhism has had a great influence on the Myanmar people. Yangon has several different types of buddhistic architectures and palaces. SWEDAGON is the holiest in Myanmar and you should not miss the opportunity to do so. Yangon has much more to do if you are particularly interested in the world of religion.

The early mornings and the onset of darkness are good days to go to such places. There are always good ponds for outside activity to avoid overheating. Lake Inya and Lake Kandawgyi are the two most important seas in Yangon. They' re beautiful places to spend several long days, to eat and to spend quality leisure moments with your loved ones.

Located in the centre of Yangon, Bogyoke Market has a nearly 100-year old tradition. The Yangon Circuit, constructed by the British during the British Empire, can be a great way to experience this town. Though the trip on the round trip is more sluggish than on any other country's rail, it is a great way for the visitor to unwind and see Yangon from a completely different view.

Myanmar is available for tailor-made trips. The tour starts or ends in Yangon or Mandalay and lasts about 9 nights; visit Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake.

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