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Sights in Yangon

Activities in the Yangon Shwedagon Pagoda. I know there's a lot more to learn. We are told that no visit to Myanmar is complete without a trip to Shwedagon Pagoda. Visiting Yangon (Rangoon) in Burma brings wanderlust as the bustling city overwhelms the senses and the friendly locals share their city. Read on to learn more about the most important things you shouldn't miss in Yangon, Myanmar.

Arrival in Yangon, Myanmar

Burma is again being taken over by foreign nationals. On this occasion it is not the dominant imperialist Britain or the emperor's Japan military. Not claimed, this is from the jet-setters looking for luxurious destinations, the young backpack tourists who want to discover the globe but are afraid without the security of packs of clones deviating from the trails, and the homes that have the feeling that an ex ante visas means risk and difficulty.

Burma is now formally open to tourists, as evidenced by the 30 percent increase in visitors in 2012. I sit in a cab from Yangon International Airport to my guest house, my eye scurries between the windows and try to catch the epicure. I' ll find that it will take a while to see Myanmar and my place as a stranger in it.

I can see a changing town from the shelters alone. On the first night I hike through the roads of Myanmar's biggest town looking for shelter. Dinner on the road makes my stroll seem like a spear run in which the scents and flavours try to attack me from all directions.

So I have to be careful not to let them come up to me and sit on the floor. In Yangon, the walk into the modern age has not yet flouted the foundations of Yangon's food culture. Myanmar became one of the worlds impoverished nations under the army jungle. Although it' s abundant in nature's wealth, these gains have never affected commoners.

There is a sobriety about how humans look with their boring but nice Longyi around their feet. Don't wait for the kids from Yangon to walk around on their cell phone - they prefer to pull a trolly to pick a bottle or push a wagon with products for a shop.

During the first 24 hrs as I explored the town a little further, I noticed an apparent shortage of one thing - Anxiety. One still often gets a feeling of curiosity and innovation from the natives to have so many whites in their town, but there is no scare.

There is no such thing as stealing or force. It doesn't even seem to be the kind of rip-off that you normally get on this planet (although you still need to have some keen bargaining skills). This is the overwhelming first glimpse I get here in Myanmar. It can be filthy, the roads can be congested with automobiles and dirt, the meal can be boiled from a cooker on the sidewalk - but it all gets wasted in the sun.

Burma could be attacked again by aliens. The natives welcome them this year.

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