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I had a wonderful time in Myanmar. There were no problems and I didn't hear from other tourists who had any problems. News of the Pope's Myanmar Visitation Yangon, Myanmar (AP) -- The Latest on Pope Francis's journey to Myanmar and Bangladesh (alltimes local ): 7:00 pm Pope Francis meets with the mighty Myanmar commander and talks about the "great responsibility" that the Myanmar government has in the process of Myanmar's overpass. Vatican said that the Monday night session with General Min Aung Hlaing and three officers of the Office for Emergency Missions in Myanmar took place at the Myanmar Archbishop's home and took about 15 mins.

The Vatican spokesperson, Greg Burke, only said that "they were talking about the great responsibilities of the country's government at this point of transition". Mr. Min Aung Hlaing is responsible for Rakhine State militia operation, where the police have started a war against Rohingya Muslims that has displaced more than 620,000 people to neighbouring Bangladesh, a so-called "ethnic cleansing" operation according to the UN.

Francis' appointment with the commandant was set for Wednesday but was postponed to a few hour after his landing in Yangon on a journey to Myanmar and Bangladesh. 14:00 Rohingya Muslims locked up in a concentration camp in a restless state of Myanmar say they are hoping that Pope Francis will call them as he did when he was praying for the Rohingya as a family.

Myanmar's Ayuntamiento Catholic Church has openly called on Francis to refrain from using the concept, which many in the area are avoiding, because Rohingya is not a recognised ethnical group in the area. Over 620,000 Rohingya have escaped the recent Bangladesh conflict, but more than 100,000 have been trapped in a KZ-like camplave in the state of Rakhine's capitol, Sittwe, since 2012.

Faizel, a 27-year-old Rohingya in the Sittwe concentration camp, said the inhabitants were confident that the Pope's journey would produce good results. He was afraid, however, that the Holy Father would not be able to use the floor in the face of the pressures. All Rohingya want to be just like other people," Faizel said.

13:30: Pope Francis has come to Yangon to inspire small Roman Catholics in Myanmar and Bangladesh. On Monday afternoons he was welcomed at the airfield by Catholics. Many waved their cars along the street, played folk songs and wore the clothes of their different nationalities.

Franziskus will be meeting with Myanmar's civil commander Aung San Suu Kyi, his mighty head of the army and Buddhaist monk, in a separate meeting during his visit to Myanmar. Later in the working day he will go to Bangladesh, where he will welcome a Rohingya Muslim mission and hold a meeting with the Bangladeshi leaders in Dhaka.

Fairs for the Catholics and encounters with the ecclesiastical hierarchies in each of the countries round off the programme. 12:30 pm Thousands of Catholics from all over Myanmar have come to the country's largest town to welcome the Holy Father Francis to the state. He is due to meet the Holy Father on Monday afternoons.

He will meet Myanmar's leading personalities before leaving for Bangladesh. Brang Htoi came with 1,600 Catholics from Kachin State to receive the Mgr. at the Aiport. Catholic is one of the smallest of Myanmar's minorities, with over 660,000 inhabitants, just over 1 per cent of the 52 million inhabitants.

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