Where to Visit in Burma

How to visit Burma?

The first Burma - now Myanmar - has slowly but surely become a tourist destination in recent decades. Visiting here is absolutely breathtaking and magical. Cold season, hot season and rainy season. There are not many tourists, blue sea and friendly people. Myanmar's warm people and mystical culture will enchant you.

Myanmar's best travel season

Myanmar has a subtropical clima with 3 peak season. It' s generally accepted that the best period to visit Burma is from November to February, as these are the dryer and not too warm days. There' s not much rains these few month. from November to February: This is the dryest month of the year and the temperature is not too high.

In Yangon the mean day temperatures are 18-32°c. However, the major drawback of the visit at this period is that the level of the rivers can be low, leading to slowing down on the canals.

Do you need to visit Burma with children? Yeah - why? weblog

Allow your child to experience a way of living that no longer exist in many places. Babies will enjoy seeing the strange and beautiful products of the fair, from sting rays to rats' skewers! Keeping youngsters busy while enjoying historic cultures - Bagan is full of secret sanctuaries and sculptures and is also shallow, making it perfect for the family to circumnavigate the remains and select the best sanctuaries for a fun hide-and-seek that they will always treasure.

Relieve yourself and interact with those who are really intrigued by your being there.

Myanmar / Burma - Planning Your Holiday in Myanmar

Visiting Burma is a truly unforgettable adventure that will expose you to a variety of different civilizations as you explore and discover the places still unspoilt by the tourist industry. Explore Burma's rich culture on your journey through this intriguing and fascination. Burma, also known as Myanmar, is a nation of concealed gemstones and glory.

Situated in South East Asia and embedded between India, China, Thailand, Bangladesh and Laos, Burma has become a puzzle. Traditionally, mythically, timelessly, poetically and tribal-historically - journeys to Burma is like a journey into the past. Burma is the birthplace of an old civilisation that still clings strongly to its wealthy legacy and sophistication.

Variety and elegance combine to create Myanmar's surf-colors. Myanmar's travel destination is unparalleled, be it the green swimming garden on the blue water of Lake Inle or the unspoilt, unspoiled Mergui Archipelago. Journey to Burma can take you to the crystalline water of the Ngapali shores of the intensive Smaragd Mountain around Putao.

Mogok' blood-red rubies, Kalaw's tribe paths and the jungle of www. kawa are traveling to Burma and you will enjoy adventures and incomparable adventures. Visiting the Shwedagon Pagoda in Rangoon, visiting the Mandalay Palace, and no journey to Burma is complete without a visit to the Bagan Temple.

Myanmar is home to over 135 different communities that welcome you all to their lands with a smile as light as the sundowners. A trip through Burma will take you on an emotive voyage as you connect and intercommunicate with individuals whose histories and background are founded on faith and faith, and it is almost not possible to keep this nation unaffected by the tales you listen to and the experience you have.

Get in touch today to plan your vacation in Burma and soon make a discoveries of Burma's cultural treasures, heritages, indigenous minority, handicrafts, festivals, scuba dives, treks and more.

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