Where to Travel in Myanmar

Travelling in Myanmar

Health travel and vaccination advice for Myanmar (formerly Burma) Today you get an insight into Myanmar with Dustin Main. Burma Travels | Myanmar Travels The Myanmar tour consists of many different cultures and unforgettable experiences in the middle of a magnificent natural environment. Fairy-tale towns, many gold palaces and king towns are a must if you want to visit Myanmar! It is a truly intriguing land with a tumultuous past. Myanmar, formerly Burma, is mainly dedicated to Buddhism.

Furthermore, the land has an impressing and diversified scenery.

Burma has been locked to the outside and when you travel through Myanmar you will find that there is little foreign interference in the area. A trip to Myanmar is a trip to Asia. Perhaps one of the most spectacular places in the land, Bagan is an area of dozens of kilometres squared full of churches, shrines, pagodas as well as fortresses.

This is a breathtaking view you should not miss on your trips in Myanmar! A further impressing place that you can see with your group is the Shwedagon pit in Yangon. This gold cliff top rocking terribly on a ledge is definitely a worthwhile place to stay during your vacation in Myanmar.

While touring Myanmar you will not only be able to experience the many monasteries and Buddhistic features. There is so much more to the state! A trip to Myanmar is also a pleasure for people who love the outdoors. It is a wonderful setting for unforgettable strolls through woods and hills where you will find colorful towns and be greeted by the people.

You' ll be travelling through streams, under footbridges, past towns on stilts, swimming meadows and aquatic hyazinths.... fantastic! When you choose to visit Myanmar, you will not only get to know the country's amazing cultural heritage, but also its wonderful outdoors. Although the Myanmar authorities do not have the best reputations for the ( "violation of) basic freedoms " and are not always emboldened to leave, the Myanmar population itself is satisfied with the influx of tourism.

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