Where to Travel in Myanmar

Travelling in Myanmar

Myanmar's breathtaking scenery & majestic Shwedagon Pagoda tour. Burma Travel, Myanmar Travel Reservation, Myanmar Travel New, information and the most interesting places for Myanmar Travel. So how many days a month does it rain? After arrival in Bagan, pick up from the airport and visit SHWEZIGON PAYA (Pagoda, Stupa or Zedi), one of the most important religious buildings in Myanmar. Explore the magic of the majestic landscape and authentic culture with our private and tailor-made tours through Myanmar (Burma).

Fifteen wonderful places to be in Myanmar

Situated on the outskirts of Southeast Asia, Myanmar is a wonderful, expansive nation full of traditions, tasty foods and wonderful scenery. People from all spheres of their lives can find a reason to come to this wonderful old nation and fell in Love with it. As many of Myanmar's exquisite neighbours, the kitchen in this region is a blend of flavours, seasonings and cuisines that have made it one of the most sought after gourmets.

For those looking for a special entrée, Nangyi-Thoke is the perfect choice, while for those looking for something different, Myanmar's renowned tealeaf lettuce, full of walnuts, tealeaves and prawn gravy, is one of the most interesting of all. Meals can be up to 1,000 kyats cheaper, according to where the visitor dines.

No matter if you want to circumnavigate the Thai island or go down the Vietnamese coastline by motorcycle, travellers to Southeast Asia will always find ways to get on a motorcycle and discover it. Myanmar has its own motorcycle fleet, but it is the e-bikes in Bagan that make this land so unique.

It is often the culmination of visitor excursions to Myanmar as riders drive from a breathtaking sanctuary to the Bagan Antique town. There is no need for enthusiastic hikers to walk the way from Kalaw to Inle Lake. Many travel agencies offer one- to four-day tours so that people can see Myanmar in ways they could not reach by any other means of transport.

The visitor walks along curvy paths, where they meet, for example, peasants who take care of the cabbages or kids who play canball. They meander along railway rails with diagonal emerald-green mounds on both sides and take all seats, while the visitor takes the less demanding hike to Lake Inle. The Eversmile Trekking is one of the best firms in Kalaw, staffed with kind, knowledgeable and amusing leaders who make the hike so unforgettable.

Yangon, although known for its tasty road meals and relaxed atmosphere, has people from all over the globe to admire some of the country's most beautiful mountain cuisine. Sule Pagode, located in the centre of the town, is thought to have been around 2,000 years old. With an age of over 2,500 years, it is one of the most sacred relicts in the whole area.

People may want to devote a few hour to winding around the sacred ground, taking pictures and wait for the setting day to get some of the most astonishing glimpses of this Buddhist world. There are no natives more friendly than the people of Myanmar. From downtown Yangon to the jungles on the way from Kalaw to Inle Lake, not a native is unwelcome when visiting from abroad.

If the visitor looks a little scrambled, the local people come hoping to offer a little help. A lot of local people often come closer to the visitor only in the hopes of practicing their English. There are no cheats, no tricks: only Myanmarese people who want to talk. South East Asia is full of astonishing lands and towns, but this does not necessarily mean that every traveller can do it.

Players on a small budgets will be pleased to know that Myanmar is one of the least expensive places to be. Anyone who wants to pamper themselves in neighbouring lands and make savings of one or two dollars must go to Myanmar for this only.

Although biking around the thousand of Bagan shrines and pilgrimages is certainly an unforgettable adventure, one of the most impressive (but also most expensive) ways to visit the temple is the hot-air ballon. Southeast Asian is undoubtedly very much in demand, and while Myanmar's neighbouring nations are larger than their neighbours, they cannot match the one-of-a-kind finds in these basar.

The jade market in Mandalay is a good example of this. There' s also an abundance of cold grocery stores across the land, where the visitor can see (possibly horrified) how they cut and dice live right in front of their faces to be swallowed by another one.

Biking in the town of Mandalay will certainly be one of the high points for the visitor on their journey to Myanmar. It is famous for Mandalay Hill and its convents and more, but there is no better way to get to know the real side of the town than by bike. Away from the well-trodden paths, you can find yourself in a market with too many flavours that suffocate the outdoors.

Contrary to some of Myanmar's scorching neighbours, the climate in certain areas of the land stays cold, almost too cold for those who have begun their travels in lands such as Thailand or Cambodia. There is little rain, it is less warm and in some areas the nights can get a little cooler.

Yangon will be one of the most beautiful adventures for you. With no foreigners in view, people will buy their railway ticket at the railway stations with its distinctive architectural design before setting off. Featuring soft seats and a light wind for those who love metals, the visitor will discover the suburbs in a truly original way.

Trains move relatively slowly, so the visitor can observe the grocery stores, paddy paddies, locals' houses and more peace before disappearance. It seems that no overnight coach in Southeast Asia can be compared to those in Myanmar. Several of the busses that travel from town to town are fitted with a kind of escort who comes to all those travelling and asks if they need to eat, drinks and even additional covers.

Whilst it is not necessarily pleasant to transport over night, the visitor will opt for an over night coach at every opportunity, in order not only to reduce the cost of it. Myanmar may not be known for its breathtaking sandy beach, but it certainly has its part of sandy beach that is well deserved to be visited.

Ngapali Beach, Ngwe Saung Beach and Chaung Tha Beach are some of the best places to visit during your stay in Myanmar. Theravada Buddhism is practiced by many Myanmarites, which is certainly mirrored in the number of convents throughout the area. Several of the most notable are to be found in Mandalay, and attendees will find kind friars on the site, many of whom like to speak to attendees about everything from their lifestyles as friars to US President Donald Trump.

Myanmar's tourist industry is evolving at a slow but steady pace, so travellers want to get there quickly before the land is losing some of its original character to get ready for arriving people. It is already clear that the state is tailored to its international clients, and the state is even striving for a 7th place.

by 2020.

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