Where to Travel in Burma

Traveling where in Burma?

Myanmar luxury travel with Ker & Downey. Traveling to Burma/Myanmar will take you to another world with a rich, untouched culture. Like India, Myanmar is slightly less polluted (except for terrible air pollution). Explore Burma, which has finally decided to open its doors to visitors who visit Yangon, the sunrise of Bagan, and immerse themselves in the fabulous culture and tradition.

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It' a new tourist attraction, which attracts more and more tourists every year. Maybe this is exactly what you are looking for! If you visit Burma, be accountable; do not give the Burmese regime food! Burma, is it a seaside resort? Talking about Burma (today also known as Myanmar ), one immediately thinks of buddhistic friars, a variety of gold roofed couches, incomparable culture.....

Myanmar Luxury Holidays | History, Culture & Landscape

The majority of tourists come to Yangon, a relatively calm and enchanting town. An undisputed landmark here is the Shwedagon Pagoda, a breathtaking and humiliating place where we can set up a garment sacrifice service for our guests with some of the religious in the Shrine. There' s a relatively well-trodden trail for travelers who explore Myanmar - and for good reasons.

Bagan's temperate scenery is a photographers' fantasy, so make sure all your cameras are properly recharged. Inle Lake's quiet location is also on most visitor list, where the Labryint water ways can best be discovered by kayaking. Yes, even Myanmar has its elitist resort, in this case Ngapali Beaches, a typical golden sanded, palm-lined one.

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Take a regular Emirates or Malaysia Airlines service from London Heathrow or Gatwick Airport via Dubai or Kuala Lumpur to Yangon. Upon arriving in Yangon we drive to our Sedona Yangon 4 day accommodation. On a hike we discover Yangon, also known as Rangoon.

Known for its wealth of Raj eras architectural heritage and one of the best conserved structures of that time is the 1901 Strand Hospital. Formerly called "the most beautiful inn in Suez", it is now a luxurious one. In the early hours of the day we drive to the Mandalay International Airfield, perhaps from the homonymous kiplingset.

We' re checking into the Bagan King Hotel (3 days). Today's sightseeing starts with a trip to the Mahamuni Puagoda, which is home to the most venerated Buddha in Burma. We' ll also see some old handicraft shops where native craftsmen make woodcarvings and embroidery work. It is considered the most important center of Burma and we are visiting some of the country's countless convents and couples, among them the gold swing Oo Pon Nya Shin coup.

We' re stopping in Ava for dinner. In the early hours of the day we drive to Mandalay Steg for a relaxing ride on the Irrawaddy towards Bagan. We will stop to visit a small hamlet and serve our boat for dinner before reaching Bagan in the afternoons.

For the next two overnight stays, our motel is the Shwe Yee Pwint Hotell (3T); and we have dinner at a Bagan restauran tonight. Later, we shall be visiting the town of Myinkaba, famous for its tradition ally painted shops and the twelfth c. Gubyaukgyi temple, decorated with well-preserved mural paintings. Prior to dinner at a typical Burma food court we will have a typical Myanmar teaparty.

In Nyaung Shwe we also stop for a brief stroll through the city and a meal in a small eatery. We will visit the Red Mountain Estate Vineyards in the afternoons to taste the red mountain wines and take in the stunning view over Inle lake before crossing the beautiful sea by motor boat to the Pristine Lotus Spa Resort (4T) to arrive at our accommodation.

Today we take a trip on board our motor boat through Lake Inle, past towns with stilts and swimming pools moored to the ground with canes. Observing the folk silks of Inthar in the hamlet of Inpawkhone, we go to a cigar rolling workshop in which we can roll ours.

Today lunch takes place in a traditional village restaurant, where they show how to prepare the tasty meals of the Thar Inn, which are loved throughout the area. Later, we drive to Indein, on the southwestern shores of the lakes. After arriving in Yangon we drive to the Sedona Hotel Yangon (4T), where we will spend our last evening in Burma.

Most of the way through the morning we drive to Yangon airport for a regular service from Emirates or Malaysia Airlines to London via Dubai or Kuala Lumpur. Arrive at London Heathrow or Gatwick Airport.

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