Where to Travel in Burma

Traveling where in Burma?

Journey with a guide and a small group. Journeys and a good time away from home is always a very appreciated idea. To find out when is the best time to go to Laos and Myanmar (Burma), read our definitive travel guide and climb into the rider's seat for a bike ride through a country that often feels as if time has passed. Tale cities, many golden pagodas and royal cities are a must if you want to travel in Burma! It is a truly fascinating country with a turbulent past.


Me and my missus are coming to Burma next months. As we know that we do not yet accept payment by bank card, we have to use US dollar. That can' be the case when we dine in a restaurant and not in a big hotel? Tourism-oriented locals should not ask for more than 10 per person for a meal.

Please be aware that most Inle Lake properties are accessible by ferry, so you may need to have supper. However, there is a wide selection of good places in Bagan, such as the Be Kind to Animals veggie place, where I had a tasty one for?. Loan automobiles will also soon be approved, so it is definitely a good idea to pack a Mastercard.

Journey to Burma (Myanmar) in the summer months

A trip to Burma or another Indochina region in the "green" period has manyavantages. There are five good reason why our Burmese experts have thought of why you should be traveling during this period. Due to the humid climate, our (British) summers are considered to be the "green" seasons for trips to Burma.

They want to question this awareness by list among their five most important causes why it is profitable to consider a journey not only to Indochina, but in general. Perhaps it's a good idea to consider Burma for your annual holiday? During the season, rainfall brings luxuriant verdant countryside and indigenous wildlife to live.

You will be able to admire the many icons in the peace and quiet that both you and she deserves. There are many streams, ponds and falls to be explored off the well-trodden paths and to take advantage of the most beautiful forms of play.

Top 5 Rationale for a Journey to Burma (Myanmar) in the Rains

Elisa, Group Tours Manager, has recently come back from her first visit to Burma (Myanmar). And even though we were out in the mid-raintime with heroin. By following our Burma (Myanmar) blogs (I am sure!), you will have seen Violet's article about why she liked to travel to Burma during the hottest time of the year.

I am not particularly well off when the temperatures rise above 35°C, so I scheduled my Burma tour to begin a few month later, from 7 to 22 July, in the midst of the wet, verdant period that lasts from May to October. But I was mistaken. I thought I would travel through deluge every single rainfall!

I had a great part of my life in Burma. Let me tell you why. Raining can be great pleasure! So I just was in my balloon and felt the rains on my face as I was traversing the sea.

When you go to Burma in the wet it is going to rainstorm sometime, but not every single morning and not all of it. Most of the wet weather in my case was in the town of Yangon. You can get a taxi here if you don't want to run in the cold.

Or, you could stay in the Circle Train for a few hour to observe the crowd while you are waiting for the rains to stop. While I had planned to go to the Shwedagon Lagoon on my second day in Yangon, I quickly modified my plan when the rains ceased the first day and made way for a tranquil sundown.

Joining the natives for their Lenten Buddhist Lenten festivities, I had a great moment to listen to the friars sing, smell and smile as I sunbathed in the gold lights around the pagoda....it seemed as if half of Yangon was in the pit this night - but no sights!

Actually I have seen very few international tourists during my whole journey. Traveling to Burma in the wet seasons means preventing the warmth and moisture of some of the warm winters. There are few disadvantages to go to Burma in the wet seasons, I can assure you. The only reservation I have is that it is not a good moment to come if you plan many trips off the well-trodden paths - it can be hard to cross country streets.

However, if you are a newcomer to Burma and stick to a more beaten track, it has many advantages. When you are looking for your own rain time rain cover and parasol for a journey to Burma, write us.

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