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Khao Sok National Park (accommodation) Ayuthaya (accommodation) Kanchanaburi (accommodation) Chiang Mai (accommodation) Planning a trip to Thailand? Thai travel is also about eating as Thai foods are popular around the world. It has a well-trodden tourist path and a good infrastructure. - It really is a country where you can spend as much or as little as you want. Throughout the world, Thailand has one of the highest traffic death rates.

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To where in Thailand? While I have a work permit for New Zealand, I plan to travel during the hibernation SEA. I' ve been so fixated on Thailand, I have no clue what to do after. I' d like to have some general thoughts on where to go next.

I am a young traveller who would like to have some doses and dont's..... To where in Thailand? One could also go to Malaysia, KL is a beautiful city like Singapore. There is also a beautiful Malaysia, see Langkawi. Or, make your way to Vietnam and Cambodia - right at the top of my agenda.

This is Halong Bay Viet Nam. It looks fantastic. To where in Thailand? Cambodia!!! Visit travefish and www.canbypublications.com to get your own idea. To where in Thailand? Kampuchea or Viet Nam would be the natural place to go, but only if you are looking for a cultural vacation, if you want a seaside position, then Langkawi would be a better one.

To where in Thailand? Cameron Higlands in Malaysia, maybe Bali. To where in Thailand? After New Zealand Cameron may be bored, and after Thailand Langakwi becomes lame and filthy, but think of Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu or even Kuching) and Cambodia! To where in Thailand?

There is so much nearby if you are on your side, Cambodia (Siem Reap is amazing), Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia..... all quite right next door. Here's what you need. Traveling by road is the least expensive alternative, although I think it is best to stay away from the Thai-Malaysian frontier and travel by plane.

Somebody said Langkawi, Langkawi is nice and not far from Thailand. To where in Thailand? To where in Thailand? Vietnam... different from Thailand. A cognition we didn't see was Dalat but saw it on TV..looked adorable & craved that we went location. Seeing so much & traveling alone in the larger towns won't make you unpleasant like so many Europeans who travel there.

To where in Thailand? Go to Yangon and drive inland, visiting Mandalay, Bagan, Inle Lakes, Mt. Poppa etc. To where in Thailand?

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