Where to Stay in Yangon Myanmar

Accommodation in Yangon Myanmar

It is not easy to find the best accommodation in Yangon. Big savings on hotels in Yangon, Myanmar online. Connected directly to the new Myanmar Plaza shopping centre. Check all hotel offers in Yangon at once. South Burma is at its best with a detailed list of the best boutique and luxury hotels and Yangon, Mawlamyine, Hpa-An and the Golden Rock.

Best places to stay in Yangon

Located in the west part of Yangon is Bahan. It is one of the most prosperous areas of the town, with musea, market, pagodas, parks and much more. Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon is one of the most luxury hotel in the region. It' furnished with free Wi-Fi, everyday home economics, scenic backyards and even a saunas.

A large foyer welcomes the visitor on arriving, but the guest will certainly avoid the luxury entry and go directly to the spas to relax or to the back of the resort, where a large swimming pool is waiting for them. The Kandawgyi Palace and Rose Garden and Regal Central are other luxury properties in the area.

The most notable feature of this property is its roof, which offers breathtaking vistas and gold coupé. Like the name says, the hostel is full of interactivity and arts, which makes a stay here unforgettable. Other middle class in the area are Goodliff Guesthouse, Royal Platinum and Pho Sein and Sky View Guesthouses.

If you are just looking for a plain sleeping place, you will be pleased to know that there are many inexpensive places to stay in the west of the town. The H Valley Hotel is one of the most popular accommodations, with neat rooms, an unspoilt foyer and a magnificent view of the nearby mountain creeks.

Further inexpensive establishments in the area are Holiday Hotel, 100 Mon Inn, Hotel Lavender and Fame Hotel. East Yangon consists of a variety of areas to chose from. Botataung, North Dagon, Pazundaung: the decisions seem to go on and on. Here we show you some possible accommodations that best fit your budgets.

Travellers who regard themselves as cultural birds can stay in Botahtaung, as it is furnished with many buildings from the former colonies, which will even fascinate the enthusiastic designers. This is also the home of the Botahtaung Pagoda, where the area got its name.

Taungnyunt Mingala is probably the most prosperous area in which Yangon Central Station is located. Yangon Beach is one of the most deluxe cities in the city. There is a deluxe reception area in the main entrance hall and lounge, and the Botataung Pagoda is just a few minutes walk from the city.

If you want to suck a few kyats, you should have a look at the number of different suits the hotelier is outfitted with. The Grand Laurel is another luxurious resort in the area. If you are looking for a nice middle-sized lodging, you should visit the Asia Plaza or Millennium Hotels. Millennium has an on top dining area with views of the riverbank and Botataung Pagoda, just a few minutes walk from the city.

Southern Yangon is probably the least prosperous part of the town. The Yankin is the most prosperous area in southern Yangon. The Pyay Garden Residence is one of the most expensive accommodations in the area, offering one of the best panoramic viewpoints of the Sule Pagoda in the town.

It' also features a swimming pool, spas and breathtaking suites. Further luxurious accommodations in the area are the Belmond Governor's Residence, the Sedona Hotel Yangon and the Silver Green Hotel. The Yankin Hotel is relatively inexpensive and is only a few minutes' walk from a few of our own inns. The Hotel Kan Yeik Thar is situated right next to the Brave Bar and the Escape Gastro Bar, for those who want to do something after sunset.

The G-Star Hotel and The SAT Yangon are some of the cheapest in the area, offering free Wi-Fi for visitors and just a few minutes walk from some of the best local cuisines. The North Yangon is one of the most distant towns from the centre of the capital. Insein is one of the areas in North Yangon, about 20 leagues from the centre of the citycenter.

However, as the town extended its borders, areas such as Insein were regarded as part of Yangon. In this area is one of the most prosperous districts of the town, Kamayut, where beside the Judson Chapel there are a number of the town' s university. Mayangone Township is one of the most prosperous areas in northern Yangon, with a number of peaks, cathedrals and cloisters.

There' s not much in relation to the accomodation, so only one class is including. The Palm Spring Resort is a good place to stay for its relatively low prices. It' s certainly not a luxury, but the rooms are humble and cosy with all the conveniences you need for a pleasant stay.

There is also a swimming Pool and Dining room, ideal for the hottest afternoon in Yangon.

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