Where to Stay in Yangon Budget

Accommodation in Yangon Budget

Hninn Si Budget Inn is a popular accommodation in Yangon. Shannkalay Youth Hostel offers a wide range of budget accommodation for travellers who want to explore Yangon with a shoelace. Yuzana Hotel - Rainbow Hotel. LYANGON HOSTEL: Click here for current prices. At the end of this article you will find all the details about accommodation in Yangon.


Traveling in Myanmar can be done on most budget levels, from straightforward, self-contained backpacker tourism to simple inns to luxury touring, which includes prestige getaways from the days of colonialism. Although it is a poverty-stricken nation than its neighbors, do not anticipate that traveling in Myanmar will be more cheap. The majority of travelers arrive by air (see Getting to Myanmar), and due to a historical lack of hotel facilities, lodging can be relatively costly, especially in Yangon.

The following is a general guideline for your daily expenses - to create a budget in detail, browse other parts of this website that are of relevance to your own itinerary. Please be aware that the rates on this page are in US dollar to facilitate your budget plans, but on site in Myanmar you usually use Myanmaryat.

From about $30 per overnight stay in a simple guest house or lodging, you will get something more roomy that should contain your own private bath and A/C; and from over $70 you can buy some luxurious and stylish accommodations, from $8 to $25 per overnight stay, or from $30 per overnight stay in Myanmar, you can get something more space.

Unnecessarily, the rates can go higher and can go up to $300 to $400 per overnight for the most renowned Yangon hotel. Myanmar's most favourite way to get around is by coach or air. Busses are about $7 to $30, according to the length of your trip and the category of coach you use.

Usually costs between $40 and $200 for a one-way trip. Traveling by rail can be more enjoyable, but it is also more slow than by coach - the fares vary from $10 to $25 if you book upper class seating or sleeping accommodations on-line, again according to how far you travel (tickets can be purchased less expensive at Kyoto rail station, and regular class seating is even less expensive, although it usually makes for an inconvenient trip).

Boating is a great way to explore Myanmar and can be used for long-distance travel on the Irrawaddy River, with fares ranging from $10 to $70, based on the range and pace of your sail. Rural roads in Myanmar are often untrustworthy and sometimes inconvenient.

So, the airplane is the best choice for some. Fares vary between $50 and $150 for one-way trips throughout the state. Hitch hiking is generally not practiced in Myanmar, although sometimes you are fortunate. For more information, go to Myanmar. Meals in Myanmar are generally cheap - you can count on paying $1 to $3 for a basic dinner in a typical Myanmar tea house or restaurants, and you should not be paying more than $5 to $10 for something more challenging or well-prepared West cuisine.

High-quality dining in towns and tourism centres will be more expensive. Drinking mains running waters is not secure, so you have to buy filled waters that are about 30 Cent per can. Homemade Coke is about 70 Cent for a can. Bottles of local beers or other local liquors are about 80 cent to 2 dollars (more in upscale eateries, as well as hotel and bar establishments), whereas imports are much more expensive.

Marlboro cigarette packs are $1. 50, and local brands are about 70c. An English-language travel guidebook usually varies between $10 and $20 per person per night, according to your area. Tips are not common in Myanmar, but a small fee is anticipated for tour leaders and personnel.

It has a tradition of "tea money" given for voluntary service, such as leading people through a small village fair or having access to a closed off cemetery. As a rule, these fees should be around 30 cent (K300). A one-time admission charge of $2-25 is required for most historical places; smaller and lesser-known places are less expensive.

The price is usually around 50 eurocent per minute, even if it may be higher outside the city. Myanmar SIM cards cost $1.50 and offer calling and 4G information; some global cellular phone plans allow to roam, which can be expensive.

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