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Accommodation in Yangon, Burma. Chen Myaye's superiors are superior to most other budgets in Yangon. Situated in the centre of Yangon, Yangon Downtown is the best accommodation in Yangon. What area should we stay in? Cheapest accommodation in Yangon in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon.

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We' re young senior citizens who like to walk down the road, meet folks, eat good meals in small places, visit market places, so it would be great to have some of it close by where we live. We had the same questions as your initial position and chose to stay near 19 Road for our first few days in Myanmar and then near the Shwedagon Pagoda after we returned to Yangon after a tour.

There is a Chu Mee and a Chu Mee guest house, you get so many critics and you get great critics. The thread has been discontinued due to apathy. If we do not comply with our policies, we will delete any postings and we retain the right to delete postings for any cause.

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When you hear stories about the madness of Yangon hotels, take a breather and unwind. It' truely truer that accommodations in Burma (Myanmar) are more expensive than in neighboring nations - we would like to say that you will generally pay twice the price for Thailand for half the standards you expect in Laos. This is not always the case, but it is often the case and Burma and the trading city of Yangon are both home to stunningly expensive garbage heaps.

As Burma changes from country to country, guest houses and hostels are getting better - especially in Yangon - and while prices are still high, at least the standard is raising..... With a new breed of boarding houses appearing in the former capitol to take the burden off the older breed of costly accommodation, here is our selection of the cheapest accommodation in Yangon, along with a few hints to help you save money.

The Kon Zay Dan Street is the big bandwidth for affordable shelter. If you are looking for a reasonably priced Yangon (Rangoon) property, the first thing to do is to dramatically lower your expectation. Most of our favorite places already adapt to meet the needs of overseas travelers and include free WiFi, breakfasts, transportation and linen services; in addition, they usually include AC and en-suite facilities for just a few additional bucks.

The Chan Myaye Guesthouse Guest House Views. Yangon city center's cheapest lodging begins in the $20-30 area. Both of our top pickings in this area are located slightly off the city center, but are definitely something for walk: a walk: Hninn Si Budget Inn (US$27) is at the top of our listing, if only because of its spotlessly tidy bathroom.

Chen Myaye's bosses are better than most other budgets in Yangon. When you are looking for a more centrally located Chan Myaye Guesthouse has long been a favorite for NGO staff. Recently a brandnew dormitory level ($14) was added, which is available alongside a wide range of rooms where the prices match the comforts of the house ($20-35).

This very well run, neighboring Cherry Guesthouse (US$20) offers less space but more comfort, although unfortunately not always warm running waters are on this itinerary. The Beautyland 2 is in the same building as the Beautyland 2 Resort (US$25).

When you are charmed by the flair of the area, Golden Star Guesthouse ($25) will take you into town. When you spend every possible dime, the cheapest place we can suggest in the city centre is Daddy's Home Hotel ($15). Dad has the mere fundamentals with no window, but be sure to call ahead (or at worst, just show up) because their rooms on Agoda are starting at their more luxurious end -- air-conditioning rooms with a separate bathroom.

Dad's Home Hotel. Those who would rather stay on the floor can take a short stroll to the Royal White Elephant Hotel ($55). It' half the cost it would be if it was situated in the city centre and comes with a long shopping cart with a long shopping mileage.

One $50 room at Bike World is $25 for two persons each. The Aung Tha Pyay Hotel($75) has roomy rooms in its old renovated premises for those on a more pardonable budgets looking for charms and temper. Situated to the south of Sule Pagoda, East Hotel($110) has more of a contemporary shop vibes and is one of the cheapest high-end in town.

Whilst it is less important to book in advance for your journey to Burma than a year ago, Yangon and Inle Lake can still be difficult and it may be advisable to make a pre-book. When you are traveling to Burma, you should keep an overview of our different areas to get information about new offers and upgrades of already presented guest houses.

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