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Netherlands The Strand[Hotel], Rangoon

Photo of the beach resort in Rangoon (Yangon), Burma, taken by Philip Adolphe Klier in the 1890s. In 1896 the Sarkies Brothers founded two more renowned castles, the Raffles in Singapore and the Bangkok Oriental. It was promoted in Murray's Handbook of 1911 as "Leading Hotell in the East" and supported by many well-known people.

It' a piece of plaster on Strand Road overlooking the Rangoon River. It is a general picture of the road of the main facade of the house with palms in the front. Klier, of Germany background, began in 1871 as a freelance journalist in Moulmein, Lower Burma.

Mostly for Europeans, he took several hundred photos both to commemorate their visit to Burma and to arouse great interest in her work. His interests included the depiction of Burma's tessellations, woodcarvings and other handicrafts. Indeed, he later became a trader in handicrafts such as silver goods and upholstery.

The six best

The Orient Express-operated Governor's Residence has 48 suite, Lotu lakes, a fan-shaped outdoor swing-pond, bankan bogs, alien embassies and buzzing overheads. Governor's Residence rooms from US$261 ($315) per room per day. There are 32 luxurious and historic luxurious rooms, beginning with higher-quality rooms from around $406 per room per day.

Will it be more elegant than the Yangon Rowing Club, boys? Kandawgyi Palace Hotel was opened in 1934. Situated on the shore of man-made Lake Kandawgyi (formerly Royal Lake), rooms here begin at US$245 ($296). The view of the swimming Royal Palace and the Shwedagon Pagoda is an absolute highlight.

There is a promenade across the lakeshore and the entrance (for a small fee) is only a few min. away through the area. A part of the Shangri La range, with more than 300 rooms from US$291 ($351. 6) per room per day, Traders is tidy, effective and virtually everyone in the city knows this groundbreaking arsenal. Up until her discharge from home in November 2010, Aung San Suu Kyi's old manor on University Avenue was only recognisable to the rest of the planet from the other side of the Inya lake.

A lot of folks would pick their lakefront home from a hotel like Chatrium.

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