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Beach & Ngapali Village Safari. We have everything under control, from excursions and flights to hotels. Best hotel in Ngapali. Astonishing pool and the quality of the food is great. Our employees are very friendly and well trained.

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Tailoring your holiday to your needs. This is a full-featured, full service trip for the benefit of the town and its population. The Maung Shwe Lay is a delightful country fishermen' town on the shores of St. Andrew's Gulf. Have a tasty, homemade shellfish meal before you explore the area and meet the welcoming locals on a scenic stroll through the town.

Later in the day a ferry brings the visitors back to Ngapali. Tailored vacations for every taste. You know your way around and receive not only kind help, but also the latest local know-how.


Embedded between 300 palm trees on the untouched promenade of Ngapali Bay in the Bay of Bengal. This is the most luxury resort in Southeast Asia's tradition of sophistication. Recently expanded Sandoway Villas and Front Cottages are from the front beaches and are the most expansive, while Village Cottages and Deluxe Back Rows are with less expansive.

Stylishly landscaped private garden and seaside restaurant. Each cottage and villa has two floors with sofa, desks and stools with entrance to the veranda and onto the sun. Upstairs there are bedrooms equipped with kings and queens to take full use of the cold nights breezes blowing from the chilling water of the Bengalulf.

Myanmar, Mya Pyin Village, Thandwe, Rakhine State. Aureum Palace Ngapali Palace Resort on the Indian Ocean of Myanmar is located in a remote and beautiful location in the beautiful Bengal Bay. Aureum Palace is a world-class executive grand style resort with one of the best spas in the region, offering the highest levels of individual attention and hospitality.

The Aureum Palace is a beautiful seaside retreat that can be described as a design house with 41 individual and luxurious cabtages. Burma and European charm are paired to offer an unforgettable event. Every air-conditioned two-roomed house has a whirlpool, a privat verandah, a candle lit bath and an outdoor showers and is located in a separate exotic vegetable park next to the renowned sandy beaches of Ngapali.

The Ngapali Hotel is situated near the town of Mya Phin, Thandwe in the state of Rakhine. It is only 8 mile from Thandwe and 10 minute from Ma Zen Thandwe International Airports. The Ngapali Hotel has 28 superb and 38 luxury guest rooms, all with private bath. Both Yangon Airways and Air Mandalay are available from Yangon to Thandwe every day.

Rakhine State, Myanmar. Amata, Myanmar's most prestigious global destination, extends along the stunning coast of Ngapali, Myanmar's first one. Featuring more than five hectares of tropic wonders, the hotel offers luxurious accommodation in seventy cabins of tea, woodchip, reed and wicker, as well as chalets and comforts. A 400-metre long promenade flank the area.

Amata & Spa is situated near the charming town of Mya Pyin on Ngapali Beach and the closest international airfield is Thandwe, 15 minutes by car from the centre. From Yangon, Thandwe is a comfortable 45-minute-trip. Iddd phone, A/C, satellite TV, corner West Horse Race Course Sayar San Street, Yankin Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

Located on the western shore of Myanmar, on the Ngapali Sea. Hidden among palm trees on a broad, unspoilt stretch of the Rakhine coastline on the Gulf of Bengal. Only 15 min driving from Thandwe International Thandwe. Hidden among palm trees on a broad, unspoilt shore off the Rakhine coastline on the Bengal Gulf.

Thandwe, Myanmar. Located in the town of Zee Phyu Gone, on the famed old Ngapali Bay, an unspoilt and self-contained gulf of Bengal resort. From Thandwe Airport it is only 45 minutes to the sea. When it' s nighttime, you can enjoy your evening meal at The Strand or Poolside or at the ZEPHYUGONE restaurants, which offer genuine Asiatic or shellfish specialties or delicious Mediterranean flavours, or sipping the astonishing cocktails at the ELMAR snack bars.

And the Shwe War Chai Camp on Ngapali Strand was one of those memorial camp in the story with long-lasting texture and singular subject of its own accord, which would give that special aura. In order to offer our visitors a great topic and an excellent outline of the story together with contemporary company and the surrounding nature, we have transformed the Shwe War Chai Lu Yee Chun Camp into a Jade Marina Hotel offering the most exquisite comforts.

Ngapali Bay Villas & Spa is situated about 6 mile from Mazin Airport, on a wonderful sandy spot in the Rakhine community of Myabyin, which is home to Rakhine locals. The Ngapali is hot all year round and has a three season tropic weather (summer, rain and winter). A speciality of Ngapali Bay Villas & Spa, which is different from all other properties, is that each of the villas has a panorama views of the bay and the sea.

The Ngapali Bay Villa & Spa is a high-end seaside resort with staff who are service-oriented and enjoy it. All here is a handicraft of arts and traditions, perfectly crafted by our interior decorator De Kyaw Sein and the English Architects David Wordsworth, who covers the entire estate of high mansions with indigenous whitemarble, abundant Teak and Yeizagyo Sandstein, Pakkoku in Central Myanmar.

Meticulously thought-out works of art such as handcrafted artwork, mosquitonet poles, brass washbasins, lights, walks, thatched roof based on the traditional architecture of the villages, hand-woven Pakokku drapes, painting by one of Myanmar's most renowned painters, U Kin Maung Yin, ancient and modern ceramics, handcrafted gifts, Mandalay loten oak and bronzes.

You can also go by ferry to the best sandy spots in the area. Sunbathing, walks on the shore, walking or cycling in the surrounding towns, visits to arts galeries, observation of the indigenous industries and conversations with the natives are just a few of the many favourite tourist passes.

All Ngapali Bay Villa & Spa mansions were created by the prestigious UK architectural designer David Wordsworth and are truly original. The Ngapali Bay Villa & Spa is not just any kind of hotels or resorts. - Oversize handmade bathtub made of tea wood with an administration of carpenters in France, from which you can admire the breath-taking beaches.

Ngapali, Thandwe District, Rakhine State, Myanmar. The Ngapali Resort is a favourite destination for travellers in Ngapali Beach, whether on a voyage of discovery or just in transit. With a full listing of comforts, visitors will find their stay at the estate a cozy one. Services include rental cars, transfers to and from the airports, linen services, smokers' area and room services.

Entrance to the angling, swimming pools (children), gardens, open-air swimming pools, privately owned beaches will make your stay even more cozy. Comforts and amenities make Thingaha Ngapali Resort the ideal place to stay in Ngapali Strand. No. 2, Airport Street, Zee Phyu Gone Village, Our Pleasant View Resort has 26 Deluxe Rooms/Bungalows, including 10 Deluxe Bungalows, 2 Deluxe Bungalow Garten View, 14 Deluxe Rooms in a two-storey bungalow.

From each room you can admire the lovely and comfortable views of the Bengal Sea. Beach Ngapali, Thandwe, This lovely, welcoming and inexpensive resort is located near Zeebyugon town and Ngapali intersection. A 5 minute ride from Thandwe International Airpor. Each room has its own terrace with views of the Bengal Sea.

Stylishly decorated with shiny pieces of tea and wickerwork, precious fabrics and Myanmar craftsmanship. All tranquil restuarants with gently airy coastline, IDD Phone, FAX, you can savour exquisite Thande dining and desserts included the China, European and Myanmar cuisine. When you are weary of your day-to-day work and the surrounding area, why not take the time to relax in our luxury Thande Beach Hotel in Ngapali.

Thandwe, Myanmar.

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