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What you stay and what you do. Burma should be at the top of your list of required visits, but make sure you have your itinerary right, says Sam Kinchin-Smith. All our premium rooms are specially designed for families or long-term guests. Other Yangon accommodation prices can also be found here. Accommodation - Click below to see room rates and discounts.

To do what

But, as with so much of Myanmar, the transition is not as rapid as in most regions of the globe. That means that most travel routes in Myanmar cover the same five major destinations: Yangon, Bagan and Mandalay (and the Irrawaddy between them), Inle Lake and Ngapali Beach.

Lesser known as Yangon's Beach, Belmond Governor's Residence is an example of East-West handicraft just as gloriously transformed into an exclusive, luxurious city. Visiting Myanmar" was the title of an New York Times report on the tourist possibilities that will open up in 2012: Don't stay there for Christ's sakes, look around to remember what you're up against.

Visit the website and you will find the unlikely car game of this mythical city: a Robbie Williams B-side, The Road to Mandalay, which has been referred to by a waitress, a tour leader and a rider during the 48-hour exploration we had to do. This is the opposite of the other unparalleled setting in Myanmar, where Hilton recently opened another great hotel:

It was not necessarily a resort, but the Ananda was such a perfect place to stay that it slipped into the shortlist at the cost of Inle Lake (which, let's face it, is overrepresented elsewhere). As in Cuba, many would like to come to Myanmar before it changes too much, before its island status becomes faded and it behaves like everywhere else.

Empty and encircled by barbwire barriers for students' protest, the humming motorcycles that are the elixir of Mandalay's life are forbidden. In Myanmar, the pleasure of eating is rather dependent on the esteem for the five major flavours: lemon, raisins, peanuts, cloves and above all seafood sauces. Ayeyarwady's route between Bagan and Mandalay is a great cruise route.

Then you look at a lightning bolt of wild animals or a messy, sweeping view of country scene, or the glockenspiel of a stilling singing ensemble that emanates from the river bank, and realize that you have at last found the very best of both worlds. Here you can find the best of both worlds. One of the most important Buddhist celebrations, the ShangYu novice ceremony sees little Myanmar boy dress like a prince on a horse back to a coupe, with musician and bands and general worship.

Nightspots are an important part of Myanmar's municipal lifestyle. We' ve been shown around by young friars who bought food for their brethren and gastronomes who bought food for their mohinga: Everyone gets mixed up in the calming hustle and bustle, a dynamism that is unexpectedly hard to find in Burma's citys. Contrary to Yangon, with its laughable prohibition, the best way to get around Mandalay is on the back of a motorbike.

And it also felt secure because the mere number of bicycles means you are always part of a herd playing between fairs, premium soccer clubs and barbeque hinges in a World War II style biker-gear. Regent holiday includes motorcycle trips through Mandalay on many of their Myanmar routes, and their guide books are great.

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