Where to go in Yangon Myanmar

Which way to Yangon, Myanmar?

Extensive and up-to-date information about the sights and activities in Yangon, accommodation, travel and transport booking. Hiking is the best way to get an impression of Yangon. There are students from all over the country who still have to come to study in Yangon, as some subjects are only offered at the universities. Exotic" often sounds like a cliché, but it's the first word I think of when I think of Yangon. Accompany us on our journey to Yangon, Myanmar, and observe how we explore this booming metropolis and discover many things.

Gartenstadt of the Orient

Myanmar - more than any other Asiatic nation - is undergoing major change, with the former capitol Yangon at the centre. Yangon's roads, a former UK capitol, are bordered by old houses from the Colonies. However, the most striking part of the building is the Shwedagon Pagoda.

Its large gold-plated cupola and towers tower like a crest above the town, protecting it from all angles. Be part of the thousand of Buddhist travellers and nosy tourist who come to this magnificent building every single working days to see its art at first hand. In order to get a real look at the town, get on the Compass.

You can get a intriguing insight into everyday Yangon living for less than $5 and three hour's work. Be careful of the light-coloured spots on the pavement, especially if you follow the traditional way of walking barefooted. It is the by-product of another indigenous custom that chews Betelnut - which makes a brilliant crimson sap that people spew on the pavement as they spend their mornings.

Head off on a cycling tour that will take you to the core of Myanmar's community and show you some of the most inspiring places to live. Accompany an experienced tour of Yangon's historical roads to see its gold sanctuaries, colorful architectural heritage and stunning sights. Head to Bagan to explore this archaeological wonder that houses tens of thousand shrines and shrines over 1,500 years old.

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Yangon streets at night - Yangon City Tour

See Yangon town centre on this walk through the city's central square. First, you'll walk through the mess of Shwe Bontha Street, stuffed with natives who sell used (and third and forth hand) objects - everything and everything, from electronic goods to shoes (shopaholics, you've been warned).

However, if all the commotion of the markets is looking for rest, you'll get your Zen dosage as you head to China Town, passing Buddhist and Hindust tempples, immersing yourself in a land where street sellers rule the countryside, sell everything from golden to green.

While your Yangon sightseeing trip goes to China Town, you will stop for a cool refreshment and a quick bite - maybe a glass of coffee in a nearby teashop or a glass of sugar cane syrup at a street stand. If you are still starving, your Yangon trip will take you through stands selling fruits, veggies, fresh shellfish and cuisine.

On your way to 19. road you will notice that this small side road is full from one seller to another, which boasts barbecues, meat, vegetables and all kinds of marmalades. It is the place to eat on the streets of Yangon, with a lot of open -air dining, lively lives and many beers.

You will be pampered with some of your favorite treats and a glass of pint to complete this one-of-a-kind Yangon city centre experience. English speaker guidebook, a few light refreshments, a glass of ale at the end of the trip. Extra meals and beverages, cab back to your accommodation, gratuities. Kids between 6 and 11 years are allowed on this trip at the prices mentioned above.

Kids under 6 years are not allowed on this trip.

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