Where to go in Yangon

Which way to Yangon?

When you know the day you are born, go to the corner, water the Buddha and make a wish. The largest lake of Yangon is the place where many locals spend their leisure time. Pazundaung, Botataung, North Dagon: the decisions seem to go on and on. One hundred and fifty years ago, boats were the way to get from Yangon to places, and inland waterway passenger ferries (IWT) still run in the big rivers. Remember to take out travel insurance before every trip to Myanmar.

3 Yangon Dates

My booking was at the Merchant Art Residence Hospital. There was a stained glass but I looked directly at the back door of the building, keeping the drapes up. However, the most serious thing was the sound not only from the outside, but also from the inside.

But the good thing was the roof overlooking the Shwedagon Pagoda and the position of the actual hospital. Unfortunately I only had two working nights in Yangon, which was a little too narrow for my pail lists. You get a break, you spend three whole outings there. This is what you can do in three working nights in Yangon:

First thing I did when I got to Yangon was looking for a coffee shop. I' ve never had one on my whole trip through Myanmar. When I saw Gusto Café on Dhammazedi Road, near my lodge, I couldn't believe it. There are four gateways to the station, each of which leads up a stair.

It is a place where thousand of visitors, natives and friars romp around in the giant gold Stupa. Particularly in the evening, when the lights are nice, the place is very full and you can take many nice pictures. Examine a place to take a seat and observe the humans and their ceremonies.

When you want to speak to monks, here is a place where you will find talkative people who like to speak and practise their foreign languages. A 26-year-old friar, Su Saitta, and we spent long periods discussing his and my own lives and the state. So if you haven't been able to speak to a friar in Myanmar, here's your shot.

It' going to look great in your picture album. Next mornings I took a cab southbound to the Strand Hotel and wandered around to see the mix of structure and style from the city. and you don't need one.

Yangon's favourite place is the Bahan fair, especially in the early mornings. Find a place and observe the humans, friars and newcomers. Maparala, the leader of Aung Pan Kyaung Tike Convent in Yangon. So he began to talk to me, showed me around and asked me to come to his cloister. So if you're planning on going to Yangon, go see him.

I didn't have enough of my own Yangon year. I' d like to have taken the Yangon orbit. I' ve been told by other travellers that you can take great pictures of the daily routine in Myanmar on this itinerary. Now, that was my voyage through Myanmar.

I would definitely say Bagan, the convents and the locals if you asked me what my own specials are. Myanmar, you ever get a shot at going to Myanmar, do it.

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