Where to go in Myanmar Yangon

To where in Myanmar Yangon?

The former capital provides a. Comprehensive and up-to-date information about the sights and activities in Yangon, as well as details of accommodation, travel and transport bookings. It was called a "golden secret" by Kipling, and it actually captivates all visitors. Yangon has many interesting places to visit. Up until recently, there were very few ATMs in Myanmar.

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Arrival to Yangon (Rangoon)

The Yangon World Airport (sometimes also called Yangon Mingaladon Airport) is the first port of call for most foreigners. There are three terminal - two national ( "Terminal 3") and two multinational (Terminal 1 and 2). There' s a 20- min. frequent shuttles between the three stations and all stations have Visa- and Mastercard-enabled cash machines and pre-pay desks for mobil phone-SM-card.

Helpdesks are located at Terminal 1 & 3 under the banners of our affiliate flymya.com, where we can offer you information on travels and booking inland transportation, activites, tours and accommodation. You can find a full listing of Yangon Airport's scheduled services here and Myanmar arrival information here.

Taxis from the Yangon International to Yangon city center should not be more than K8000 - sometimes bargaining is necessary. When you want to safe your own travel expenses, it is usually best to share a cab. Yangon's two most important coach stations are far from the city center - sometimes it takes an hours and a half by cab if there is poor transport (cost about K8000).

More information about the Yangon stations can be found in the timetables. Coaches from most Myanmar cities reach Aung Mingalar Station (sometimes also known as Highway Station ); a cab to the center of Yangon is K8000 and can take an hours to an hours and a half, according to the amount of work.

ATMs are available at the arrival point of the coach. Coaches from Chaung Tha Bayintnaung Bridge (K8000 cab from the city centre, one to one and a half hours drive) to reach the Irrawaddy Delta from Chaung Tha and Ngwe Saung Baeah.

Bago busses are arriving at Saw Bwar Bwar Gyi Gone near the international airports (there are daily busses from Bago, fares are K2000). At Yangon central stations there are no signs in English and the two major stations are very large - it is recommended to show your train to your cabbie, so you will be taken to the right place when you are there.

You can find more information on coach trips to and from various locations throughout the whole of the Netherlands under itineraries. If you cannot buy your ticket here on-line, you can buy it at the Aung San Stadium coach stations or at the Aung San Stadium coach companies' office (north of the city centre, Yangon Central Railway Station). For more information about coach trips, take a coach through Myanmar.

The Yangon main railroad is a few minutes' walking distance from the city centre, between Alan Pya Pagoda Road and Upper Pansodan Street. There is a numerical indicator inside the house showing the numbers, timetables and destination of the moves in English and Burmese. In addition to Mandalay and Bagan, Yangon is directly connected to many cities throughout the entire land, such as Nay Pyi Taw, Pyay, Mount Kyaiktiyo (the Golden Rock), Madlamyine and further inland.

Yangon travel to specific locations can be purchased here on-line - for more information, prices and schedules, see each landing page. You can also go directly to the Myanmar Railways reservation offices on Bogyoke Aung San Road, opposite the Sakura Tower (the highest structure in Yangon city centre), located on the opposite (southern) side of the train line from the Central St..

When you buy a bus or tram pass on your trip you should do so yourself at the railhead. For more information about rail journeys, take the Myanmar rail. In Irrawaddy Delta you can reach various points by ferry, among them Pathein; the ferries come and go from various moorings along the city centre riverbank, according to your holiday destinations.

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