Where to go in Myanmar

To where in Myanmar?

It is also possible to arrive by train or private car. Is it ethically justifiable to visit them? Myanmar can be visited at any time of year, even if there are certain seasons. Over time, however, we have to admit that our very first trip to Myanmar was simply incredible! For example in Bagan, where the sun sets over a sea of ancient temples and pagodas.

Recognisable facts before your trip to Myanmar

Burma can be a success or failure in fulfilling one' s own hopes. However, there are many things in Myanmar that may come as a pleasant surprise. In Myanmar. The Burmese are a land of over 100 indigenous peoples and a civilization of silence, the Tanaka and the long-lived, and they go through their hard-working life quite easily. Here are some things you might find interesting about Myanmar before you go.

You will need to take off your boots when you enter places of worship, so grab your flip-flops for the day you want to go to the temple and the pagoda. The betelnut is the name of these erythematous spots on the floor and Burma's tooths. Nineteen things to know before going to Myanmar: A few people from Burma are speaking English.

However, it should be noted that the numbers in Myanmar are not Latin, but rather Myanmar. When you plan to use the public transport system (video & hints here) or the night busses (my videos here), this will influence you when you look for your coach. When you receive something that needs address or route description, have a locals type it in Myanmar to show you if you are missing.

For over 2,000 years, Myanmar woman have used thinaka creams. Whilst the people of Burma are wearing it like cosmetic products, in round circuits on their cheekbones, in straw-covered patterns or even over their bodies; it also has other uses, such as chilling from sunburns and an anti-inflammatory agent against accne. When is the best holiday season?

I would say as per the best season to go to Myanmar, consider the best and prevent the worse. Most people will tell you that the best period to visit is from November to February, when the climate is cold. However, the price of accommodation is at its highest, the tourist attraction is full, the accommodation is quickly fully occupied and therefore bookings must be made in good before.

May to June is probably a less appealing period for a trip to Myanmar, as it is generally the hotter one. However, if you can endure some warmth (similar to Thailand in summer), then you should stay away from the crowd, you can stay in the evening before (or on foot) and the cost of the accommodation is lower.

The price of guest houses increases yearly. Meanwhile, the price of neighbouring South East Asia guest houses in Laos ($5-20/day), Vietnam ($12-30/day), Thailand can reach $18-25/day. This is Myanmar. Accommodation can be old, so remember that furnishings and decorations are unlikely to be new and fashionable. Outside the summer time I can reserve the previous morning or the previous morning.

In the high seasons it is advisable to make reservations in advanced, especially for favourite travelers. When I was in Myanmar, the only page I could easily make a reservation through was Agoda.com. Burma is not exactly in the Stoneage. You' re not going to want to be spending too much of your life on the web.

There are also mobile telephones, but the overwhelming bulk of people in Burma favour the use of publicly available telephones at road desks rather than the high costs of ownership and maintenance. They can apply for a Myanmar entry permit the same night in Bangkok. It is not hard to get a Myanmar in Bangkok, but you can't get it on your way here (Note: I just learned that you can get a Myanmar in Bangkok now upon arrival).

However if you want to get it before.....) I have a permit for the same date in Bangkok. The times of exchanging currencies on the subprime markets are over, but the Burmese are highly selective about the value of their USdollar. Whilst you can switch your cash there, why should you want to if you can switch it in more serious places such as the airports, as well as hotel and guesthouse.

Though I have been enjoying my Myanmar trip, I easily agree). Perhaps if you are the guy who needs to see many rides or has a busy schedule, you should make a reservation for a sojourn. When you are interested in taking your own leisure to see the cultural scene, a longer visit could be worthwhile.

It' simpler to get around Myanmar than it seems. Long haul routes are: flight, train or long-distance coaches, night sleep busses and luxurious VIP coaches. Meanwhile, Myanmar's V.I.P. busses can outperform busses throughout Southeast Asia, with luxurious amenities such as deck chair, ceilings, gastronomy, power sockets and a custom display with touchscreen.

I felt as a man as if it was relatively secure to go alone, even at work. Criminality is low in Myanmar. Look at how Myanmar girls wear clothes, and you should know what you can and cannot do. I was taken on a trip through Inlay Lake to a cloth store where Karen Longneck weaving girls were based for photographing tourist.

Photographs were promoted, but unfortunately it felt like a crossing between a man stroking farm and a sweatshop. To take pictures of young friars on a pagoda is enticing for every amateur photojournalist. We have all seen different photographs of young Myanmar friars in a very scenic environment. However, on some opportunities I was emboldened to take pictures of friars and it just didn't really work out.

If I had raised my cameras, I would know that I would have been asked for cash, and a monk would not be able to use it. My favourite movies, arts and travelling video are to show you that travelling is possible at any time!

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