Where to go in Burma

What part of Burma?

Maps of Mongolia, Bhutan and Burma (Myanmar). It is a very peaceful country, one reason why many couples prefer Myanmar as a honeymoon destination. Been to Burma for tourist visits, BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific?

Kate McGeown of the BBC asks in the last of a string of Burmese reports whether the tourist industry is helping or hindering the population. There is also a oppressive army regimes, which is being charged with serious violations of fundamental freedoms, and an imprisoned opponent chief who has called on the public on several occasions not to come.

So, should we ask foreigners to go to Burma, or is it better to keep away? "As soon as they know what it's about, they always decide not to leave," said Mark Farmaner, a spokesperson for the group. "It' not possible to go there and not give enough cash to the authorities. Burma has repeatedly asked visitors to leave Burma because of the strong links between the tourism sector and the state.

"Burmese tourists are contributing to prolonging the lives of one of the most violent and devastating governments in the world," she once said to a report. However, the trouble is that many locals are very happy to see overseas tourists. "It' very difficult," said a tourist leader.

And even those who don't work in the tourism sector seemed really pleased to see me on my journey. A BBC News website visitor, Emma Smale, had a similar welcome when she and her friend went to Burma last year. "and we were always well taken in. Mrs Smale made sure she was well aware of the subject before she made her choice to go to Burma.

Mrs Smale does not deplore her choice. "cWe can make sure that the facts are known so that they can make an educated decision,³d said Stephen Palmer. "and maximize the amount that goes to normal people."

However, whatever government, activists and travel agencies have to say, it's up to you.

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