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Flying in Myanmar

"The printout of the e-visa states that a booked flight from Myanmar is a prerequisite for obtaining the e-visa. "Due to "last minute" changes in departure times, we have decided not to recommend flying with Air KBZ anymore. Myanmar travel Skyscanner - Find the best value for money! With the Skyscanner, thousands of travelers use it to find the best airlines. The Skyscanner is easy and quick.

We can show you the best times of the year. If you want to go on an adventurous journey, you can use Skyscanner to look everywhere from your selected city.

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Air traffic in Myanmar? - The Myanmar Forum

Air traffic in Myanmar? Since most of the field stations are small ex-WWII airfields, wide-body aircrafts are not suited and the last fatal accident was a plane (F100). You can see your naval data and your flight size - although your old-age is not very important, as many US and old carriers use much olderplanes.

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Burma travel guide & places of interest

Today, Yangon is a mixture of culture and ethnicity; a place where you will see suitable business people next to dressed friars. Gourmets will love Myanmar's journeys as much as its attractions. You' ll have no problem in Myanmar to find something to dine and have drinks, but when you're in Yangon, you' ll go to 19 St. to taste Dagon Beer and dine with the always laughing people.

Free luggage on air - Myanmar Forum

In November my family and I will travel to Myanmar. We' ll take a flight to Bangkok, then to Yangon, bus to Pyay for a Vikings trip to Mandalay, then back to Yangon and Bangkok. We were not informed which carriers are outside Bangkok and we received contradictory information about the luggage limitations for these intra-Asian services.

And if so, you can tell us the present limitations and the level of enforcement. However, luggage limits are always 20KG and you can take a camcorder with you. You will certainly be flying an aircraft similar to Yangon. Myanmar cabins are priced at 8.000 Euro for Myanmar domestic carriers (mainly ATR72's - the classical workhorse) - a mid-sized whelly is fine plus a small purse.

There are baggage limits for these intra-Asian services monitored by Fleetguard Group. The free baggage allowances are restricted and adhered to at all times. I have a 18x14x8 size and have been approved on KBZ, Air Bagan and Asian Wings for years. Everything bigger is placed in the front cargo area.

We' re scheduled on the cruising ship in January 2015 and fly to Yangon and then from Pyay to Mandalay. I was wondering if you could give me more information about Carry on Bags because people at Victoria did not seem to know what airlines are used or what airlines are being used.

Don't be afraid, all Burma's airfields are very small (including Mandalay), so your hold luggage arrives quickly and at the right place. We' took four domestic trips and didn't have any pocketsweighing. You will be allowed 20 kg free luggage on all airlines in Myanmar. When I left the state I had to re-pack because your luggage is weighted by Yangon internationals.

Topside there is that those intercontinental flights are likely to be on larger areas that have more overhead room, so you can take more bulky carry-on baggage like a full-sized wheelie.

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