Where to Eat in Yangon

eating in Yangon

Street food" takes on a completely different meaning in downtown Yangon, as makeshift restaurants slosh onto the streets from sidewalks. There are also fast food restaurants with burgers and pizza as well as cafés and cafés. In Yangon there are numerous inexpensive, backpacker-friendly restaurants. Here you will find everything from perfect sushi and Indian food to delicacies on the roadside.

The Yangon For Budget Backpackers: Wherever you eat

Yangon has many inexpensive, backpacker-friendly restaurants. Here you will find everything from delicious susphi and delicious meals in India to delicacies on the roadside. There' s a great barbecue area in Chinatown where you can choose the barbecue kebabs you want (fish, chickens, pig s, vegetables) and then buy them on a kebab.

But the costs for the meal were too high for us. There was about $1 for each spit and since we eat a great deal, it would have taken us a big sum! There was good meals, good personnel and seating on small wooden seats at the roadside was ideal for the spectators.

At first, the local Nepalese cuisine did not look very attractive. But after we decided on a snack, it was getting really warm and the lentils, lamb curries, paddy, rice and vegetable were tasty. Yes, we know this is not Burma but if you crave a meal from Japonese cooks, you'll want to see this place.

Home-made Bento-Box, Misosoup, sushi and tasty bean curd are delectable. The price for 2 pcs susphi is 1500kyt and a dish with misosoup, chickens, tofo und tee is between 5000 and 7000kyt. Normally we wouldn't be spending so much on eating, but after having been on the go for over a year at that time, we longed for some Sushi!

Yangon has so many food choices, we're sure you'll have a great time!

Yangon Street Kitchen Guide for Beginners

Yangon sellers don't stand still for long. Fathom's 24 best blogs and websites 2015, Gabriella Zanzanaini and Nicolas Petit from Funnelogy Channel, give us an hourly guidebook to the best road treats in Myanmar's capitol. YANGON, Myanmar - Not one who keeps pressing the sleep key, Yangon is an early riser.

Gray and whitish plumes reappear just as quickly as they appear on the electric cables while they are waiting for their next fistful. At every nook and cranny of Anawratha Road from 09th St to the 14th St, breakfasts are frying, cooking or barbecue. The Yangon St. Vincent Vendor is the king and queen of pop-ups.

In contrast to other towns, every few hour road sellers are on the move. Every we go down the road, its face and scent change. He' a hawker who sells ya-kways. They are often immersed in teas or coffees like a verbena and accompanied by either Myanmar's favourite seafood and pasta stock, nohinga, or cereal.

Myanmar pasta lettuce. If you' re in Chinatown, eat pasta. It is a favourite example of the country's passion for pasta and lettuce. Burma's best is often found in the Thoke kitchen, and this is a great induction. Throw the pasta with shrimps, chopped kale and carrot before it is mixed with roasted groundnut seed and chilli, seafood gravy, cilantro, and limet.

We' re moving eastwards, where the roads turn into alleys and the women are shopping. One of Burma's mothers once said to her daughter: "You're not fully clothed without them. Coh pièh Ricecake. Barbecued kooh peño biscuits. Continuing eastwards towards the beach, stately stone-built colonies are still quite magnificent and host contemporary government departments.

There is a wide range of menus - pasta, soup, rice, curry - but we are more interested in the sitters. No bigger than a leg, they appear out of nowhere below the eyeline, with trays full of foods, packed with leaves of bananas.

This tasty sticky biscuit has a whiff of sweet nature made of coir. It is wrapped in roasted fennel seed and serves with specially ground coconuts, as well as salted and peppered. This may sound like a strange blend, but give us everything with a whiff of sticky paddy sauce and some coconuts and we are yours.

They are also sticky ricecakes, but they are barbecued over wood-coal. It can be made of either brown or red sticky paddy rices (we recommend black) and is covered with a large portion of deep Jaggery. They have a lower taste than the whites and are called Burma chocolates. Myanmar cute pancakes, legumes.

In addition to administrative facilities, road clerks build road bureaus with desks, stools and typheas. The people who offer handwriting service write private correspondence, their road bureau consists of a footstool and an oval carton. It' a sticky stuffed scoop of riceflour, similar to China gent and Japan mocha.

Here they were wound in handmade handkerchiefs and filled with zaggery and ground coconuts. It is a time-honoured desert served during the Thingyan, a week-long Burmese New Year' s celebration. Not too cute, the unexpectedly tender desert consists of stewing a sheet of banana with slices of banana, sticky white bread, crème of coconuts, sugars and sal.

Cream of the cream of Burma's road snack. This is a sticky pastry made with riceflour, poppies, almonds and coconuts. The South Indian dosha is a thin, crunchy crust made from a dough of paddy and lentil that can be fermented night.

Now Yangon is obscure. In the next room, the stir-fry of the pop-up restaurants is burning, shaking roasted paddy and pasta for your own table and those of the two tea houses down the street. In the side roads, merchants specialising in the production of hotspots are waiting for the ingredients to be selected from their buffets, placed in reddish pots and dipped in cooking sauces.

The road has once again transformed her face and her meal plan - her dawn masters have been substituted by her sisters.

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