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Where' s kit? - Yangon, Myanmar

Yangon, Myanmar - We drive to a broken down aqueduct on a rough 200 year old British motorway. I' m in the heart of Myanmar's jungles. We are part of a goverment operation to study an earthquake-damaged subsea system. One local authority technician told us that the above-ground pipe is about 50 km long and that 400 of the columns were broken.

We discussed the earthquake and death risks of 12 major earthquake and life-saving life-saving measures in an air-conditioned meeting room. To help us better understanding how to handle it and why it is so important, we can measure the sea bed hazard.

56-inch steel tube was installed over half-eroded 25-foot-angles. I' m shown some broken columns by a local authority engineering team. It says that there are 479 props that are broken or about 5 per cent of all props. It is a crucial resource supply line. It' the only spring in downtown Yangon.

On our arrival, our staff will already take the place of the injured props. We' re assuming they can substitute all the props for $8 million. Only $8 million to mitigate the very high seismic risks to Myanmar's overall potable distribution system. I' ll tell the civil servant about this. I' ll tell the state.

As I know, this eight-hour little vans ride on a rough, powdery street can make a big impact on the Myanmar community one of these days when an even bigger quake strikes and they still have it.

The long-awaited publication of the government's macroeconomic policies was a great frustration for those who had been expecting details of the rules for domestic development.

This long-awaited publication of the government's macroeconomic policies was a great frustration for those who were expecting details of the rules for domestic developments. FIVE month after taking up its post, the federal administration has published its long-awaited macroeconomic policy: a three-page paper that lists 12 general points that have come under fire for inaccuracies.

"Admittedly, the politics took longer than necessary," said U Kyaw Win, Minister of Finance and Planning, at the introduction of politics in Nay Pyi Taw on 29 July. He said that the delays were due to the need to "rethink the politics again and again". One of the government's goals in terms of macroeconomic policies is to contribute to "national conciliation and a federated and democratic union" and to create chances for the equitable and equitable deve leopment of states and regi opment.

He reaffirms the government's pledge to a "market system" and to promote a competitive environment by abolishing the monopoly and pledges to reduce bureaucracy and create jobs, inter alia by supporting small and medium-sized businesses. It also includes comprehensive programmes to reforms the finance industry and state-owned companies, to increase lending, promote FDI, improve infrastructures and improve fiscal governance, which includes budgetary clarity.

Politics, which by and large reflects a bill that seeped through to the press last year, came under fire at a Q&A meeting immediately following Kyaw Win's unveiling. U Soe Thein, Vice President of the Asia Green Development Bank, lamented that the politics are too general and unclear.

"Politics are very obscure; I really want the US administration to be able to give us more detail right away, because it's important that we know what they are," said Soe Thein, one of the contestants at the start, from whom the press were banned. He conceded that more detail was needed, as did Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, State Councillor and National League for Democracy Fuehrer, who said at the opening that the paper was the "general economics policy" of the state.

"She said, "We know the importance of investments, as well as the importance of utilities and infrastructures, so we will be issuing in-depth strategy documents. NLD high-ranking NLD officer U Hantha Myint, who is on the recently established National Economic Coordination Committee, said capital expenditure and infrastructures policies are being developed. "He said, "I think investments will come out in two month and infrastructures will come out".

The lack of dependable information is a major obstacle in the design of macroeconomic policies. Myint Soe, president of the Myanmar Garment Manufacturers' Association, said it is hard to reach the same level of state and regional growth because of the differences in infrastructures. "He said Frontier in a statement to the privatesector, saying that it is the government's duty to provide the necessary infrastructures.

Myint Soe did, however, welcome the fact that the focus of policies is on the deployment of HR and VET and the choice to give priority to labour-intensive sector. Kiev Win said the administration would offer professional education for unschooled labor. "I' d like to state with pride that we[the government] will receive 7.8 billion K per annum from the five per cent charge on the recharging of cell telephones and will use this amount in professional education for personnel development," he said.

Developing capacities in the area of personnel is one of the greatest challenge to Myanmar's economy, say the Asia Bank in Manila. There were also questions about the endorsement of a balanced farming and industry deployment strategy.

"I' m not sure if they can follow the same trend in the agriculture and industry sectors," Dr. Soe Tun, CEO of Myanmar Agribusiness Public Corporation, said to Frontier. "In my view, the main requirement for the growth of the agriculture industry is financial access," he said, and added that more assistance from the authorities is needed.

Policies also call for the safeguarding of IPRs in order to promote creative and innovative cutting-edge technologies. "It' going to be interesting to see how the policies are implemented," he said.

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