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What is Yangon Myanmar?

A temple located in a busy area of the city centre, also called Little India. It is Myanmar's largest city and the country's industrial and commercial centre. Tunggyi, Taung, Tazungdam, Thandwe, Thaton, Thayet, Thingangyun, Thongwa, Toungoo, Warazup and Yangon. Yangon, Yangon (Rangoon) image: A barbecue for the famous street dishes in Yangon Myanmar.

40 pictures to lure you immediately to Yangon, Myanmar

Yangon, Myanmar is a town full of commotion. To cross the road is one of the greatest challenge, but when you get to the other side, you can expect a rich culture with colours, merchants, fairs and nice folk. A walk through Yangon town centre will never be quiet or tranquil, but the town' s actions, colourfulness, mess and general river make it so interesting and enjoyable.

This is a set of 41 pictures I took from my last journey to Yangon, a little mixture of everything and some tasty music. (so scroll and read on). One of the main symbols in Yangon's city centre is the Sule Pagoda, and it seems that all the busses and streets to it.

It is beautifully arranged in an almost imperfect pattern of major and minor highways, all vertical and straight to each other, so that the city centre (despite heavy cars and pedestrians) is easily navigable. The best way to see and enjoy Yangon is to simply walk around.

SWEDAGON Pagoda is probably the holiest and most important place of worship in Yangon, if not all of Myanmar. It is definitely a place to go when you are in Yangon. Yangon city centre is one of the most famous Hindu temple of the Shri Kali Temple, located in a bustling area of the city centre, also known as Little India.

It is located on Anawratha Roaad, opposite Chancellor City' s Anawratha, opposite City 26. The view of the old dilapidated houses is one of the things I always enjoy on a walk through Yangon. The Yangon has a vast array of colorful monuments, some of the best in Southeast Asia, and coupled with the warm and wet tropics and poor service, many have turned into their own musees.

It is still one of the most important ways to get to the centre of Yangon from the outskirts of the town or other locations throughout Myanmar. Ying and I had enough to take the Yangon Circular Railway one morning, which stopped at 39 different locations and looped around the Yangon area.

It' s really sluggish and lasts many a time, but it provides a great chance to see some of the suburbs and even a small landscape around Yangon. As we waited to get our platoon, there were many things to watch, many of them grocers wearing snack bars on their head - probably to buy them at the railway stations or to take them to Yangon city centre to buy them.

Coaches are one of the major means of transport throughout Yangon, and unlike most in Southeast Asia, where motorcycles thrive, they are prohibited in CYangon. Yangon train station usually happens to be in the first carriageway. Because of the unfavourable riding condition in Yangon I am not sure if I want to cycle through the city.

As we walked down a side road, I realized this little fellow was relishing the sides of Yangon. It is one of the fastest ways to get through Yangon city centre by foot. Side highways are usually quite tranquil and peaceful, with the exceptions of sporadic vehicles, but the major highways are always crowded and mayhem.

Yangon city centre has a market everywhere, especially in the morning and evening, when grocers take to the street and take the first alleys of some of the highways. There' so much activity, that's why I really loved Yangon. All over Yangon you can buy a banana, often from large basket linked to a bicycle with canes.

One of the most commonly used transport modes in the Yangon roads is a dual support for mast. The Yangon is simply overcrowded with fruits, grains of ripe fruits, raspberries with ripe fruits, wild berries, wild berries, wild berries, wild berries.... the wine goes on. There is a wealth of fruits - especially during the season I attended (July / August).

Though in Yangon you can buy products at almost every nook and cranny or at every turn, there are some roads that are actually markets. Opposite the Little India Avenue, opposite the Little India Avenue, is a large shopping mall where you will find all kinds of products, shellfish and beef. Seafish is an important part of the diet of many - especially in the Myanmar coastline - and Yangon is near the coastline.

Tilapia, small Puomfrets and many other small fry were abundant. Please note the tarpaulin with which the pelagic animals are displayed.... no, these pelagic animals are not cats! I was reminiscent of the sale of fish at the Yangon market in Calcutta, where many sellers used manual weighing machines to measure them.

I saw some of the most pretty bittern pumpkins of all time in Myanmar, they were pretty verdant and had mad-looking dents. If you walk around Yangon, you will no doubt have to squash through some narrow places. As I said above, one of these days when we were in Yangon, we took the circuit.

During my last trip to Myanmar in 2011 I found it very interesting how I walked past many Justin Beaver placards along the road. Chomping nuts is very common in Myanmar, and on the roads of Yangon you can't walk more than a few metres without seeing a trader.

Out of all the things that are important and popular in Myanmar civilization, the top of the table are the teas and conviviality (that go together closely). One of the pleasures of the visit to Yangon is to sit on one of the small wooden workbenches and footstools and have a cup of coffee with your boyfriends and mates.

Above is one of the most frequent pages I recall during my stay in Yangon. Myanmar lettuce is one of the most widely used and loved in Myanmar, and is made with lettuce inlays. It comes from the north of Myanmar and humans are possessed not only by it to drink, but also to eat.... and it is unbelievably delectable.

All over Yangon you will find plenty of eating on the streets. In Yangon, many take several fast meals along the way. Myanmar is known as the Myanmar nation wide meal of Mahinga, a basin of pasta coated with a stock of seafood somewhere between a pot of broccoli and a hot cream pudding. Myanmar is one of the best places to enjoy the aromas of Mahinga, and it is a meal to be eaten when you are in Myanmar.

The Mohinga is available at both stands and in the restaurant, and I have this special dish in a car park near the Sule Pagoda. Yangon could go further and further, not only are there many things to try, but there is also a wealth of road cuisine available everywhere.

It was a thin crêpe of rice containing vegetable and pea on a coloured sheet of paper (not sure how sound the coloured paper is, too good for it not to have leaves). Chinatown, located from 24 to 19 st in Yangon city centre, is one of the many places in Yangon that are renowned for their road cuisine.

In the evenings you will find many places to dine in the streets for a snack or a festive meal. Nineteenth avenue in the center of Chinatown Yangon is a side road bordered by restaurant that serves barbecues and beers. There are many things to enjoy in Myanmar, but there are always some festivities with curries.

I' ve had some of Burma's most popular local festivals on my last journey to Yangon, but probably the largest food was at the Feel Restuarant, one of the most renowned in town (more to come soon). So, in Myanmar, I tried to fill myself with goats currys. At my last lunch in Yangon, seriously on my way to the airfield, I stoped at the Minn Lann Seafood Restuarant, a place many had reccomend.

He specialises in foods from the Rhakine state of Myanmar and especially shellfish. There is nothing nicer than to walk down the road and be frightened by a splash of warmth on your brow. Yangon has many doves and it is always possible to be fortunate!

It is an exhilarating place to discover, with such an explosion of outdoor activities and unforeseeable adventures. If you are visiting Yangon, make sure you are on a timetable, have a good mindset, cross the roads and have a great quality holiday in this beautiful, colourful and multi-cultural town.

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