Where is Yangon

Mm-hmm. Where's Yangon?

Myanmar is a state/region with a large population in Myanmar, which lies on the continent/Asia. - Locate the exact location of the city of Yangon on the map of Myanmar. And Yangon is still the largest city. The YangonYangon Bar is located on top of Sakura Tower. A bestseller in Yangon!

By public transport

The Yangon Internacional Aiport is the most important internatonal port of Myanmar (Burma). You will find important information on how to get to the nearest airports, how to get there and where to stay. Airports news: The new Terminal 3 is scheduled to open at the end of 2016 after several delay. There are information and assistant switches in both terminal, as well as information points for tourists, which can help with reservations for hotels and transportation.

Coming from downtown Yangon, drive northerly past the Hlaing University University campus on Pyay Rd, which is directly connected to Yangon International Airports Rd. Transfers between terminals: There are three kiosks within a few minutes walking distance of each other. It is about 15 km from Yangon. Arrival by street: Taxis: Taxis from the airports are abundant and relatively inexpensive, with set rates that vary according to whether you are a native or a traveler.

The journey to the center of Yangon will take about 30 min. and prices begin at about US$ 6, you can pay either in US dollars or in Burmese Kyat, but please use an authorised cab and check the price with the chauffeur in time. Transportation by rail: By train: There are two train stops that can be reached by cab from the airports terminal, where the Yangon Circular Railways reach the city's main train terminal.

There is a train connection from Yangon Central to Mandalay (12-14 hrs; fare: US$30-50) and other towns throughout the state. There are a number of exchange offices at the airports, which concentrate mainly on the arrival areas. Essen: There are self-service cafes in the airports main areas and further catering facilities in the airports departure lounge.

A number of stores that sell the souvenir and handicraft locally, as well as duty-free points of sale on arrival and departures internationally. Carriers are available - please acknowledge the charge in advanced - and baggage carts are free but not permitted outside the terminals. There are first aids available, but otherwise the terminals are relatively restricted.

While there are no assembly rooms at the airports, there are five lounge areas, two inland and three abroad. Conferencing and meetings rooms are available in the MiCasa Hotel Apartments (Tel.: +95 1 650 933; www.myanmar.micasahotel.com), a brief cab journey from the AĆ©roport. Handicapped accessible facilities: Otherwise, the aerodrome is more or less on the same plane, so it is relatively simple to bargain in a wheel chair.

Please be aware that although the International Terminal is fitted with passenger boarding bridges, it is necessary to get on a coach in order to get to them. Restricted car park is available directly in front of the terminal.

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