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Myanmar's economic isolation from the West begins to end

to withdraw its democracy reform. Penalties were introduced by the US against Myanmar shortly after the 1990 election results were not recognised by the US army, leading to a prolonged process of Western economical segregation. Penalties include a general import embargo and a prohibition of US finance for Myanmar.

It began with the 2010 election and the freeing of its most prominent incarcerated Palestinian politician, Aung San Suu Kyi, in the same year. The country's nominationally civil regime freed some of its deportees on 4 January 2011, the country's anniversary of the country's liberation. Burma is also engaged in peaceful negotiations with rebel people.

That was a decisive factor in any hope of conciliation with the US and led US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton to say that the US would re-establish full military diplomacy with Myanmar. Distinguished Professor David Steinberg at Georgetown University and a Myanmar expert thought Clinton's attendance was just in time:

This was a reply to the need to provide assistance for the reform in Burma. Second, their attendance did not require the consent of Congress, which will be necessary to lift the penalties. "Some say that US penalties have done the US no favours. They are violating their own commercial interests and allowing Myanmar's assets to be looted by Asiatic nations, such as China, without any Western rival.

Burma is very wealthy in natural ressources such as tea, petroleum and natural Gas, as well as jet water and offers low-cost labour. The country recently gave 10 offshore fuel and natural-gas units to eight companies. and the country had proved natural gas ressources of 11. 8 trillion cu. ft at the end of - 2010 and is being knocked by power starving China and India.

Since the West is still being kept away by Myanmar penalties, most blocs are allocated to Asia. "Even though the 10 block booms are too slow to attract foreign investments and power utilities from the West, many areas and areas of resource-rich Myanmar will be open to foreign businesses for investments if they lift them.

US businesses are already in Myanmar and preparing to make an investment and share in Myanmar's economy. The UK, Japan, South Korea, France, Norway, Denmark and many other nations, as well as other ASEAN and Asia nations, are already shipping their businesses to look for investment possibilities in Myanmar. "Myanmar is also becoming increasingly important from a tactical point of view.

The Obama Administration can point to its only felicitous achievements in East Asia if the reform continues - they cannot in Korea, Iran and Palestine, but they will say that we have helped bring about that about. "But it is not clear how much a civil regime can take full charge of the state. If the country had held impartial general election in April and the US and the West had lift their penalties against the country, the army would still be able to intervene in the economic system.

The Steinberg Group points out that the armed forces still control three major organizations. Ministry of Defence - which not only monitors the armed forces, navies and aircraft, but also the purchasing department, which manufactures goods for the armed forces and the people. Myanmar is also controlled by the Union of Myanmar Business Holdings, which directly and through its affiliates oversees precious stone sales, finance and building, and Myanmar Business Corp, which oversees such diverse business operations as travel, commercial enterprises and the sales of oil and natural Gas.

"The army will still be controlling its own spending and all these factors mean that they can get involved and have a strong impact on where the economies are going. It is important for the country's economies, but the country's economies are not dependent on them. There is the issue of very few loans to businesses and the worry is that the Chinese will be controlling personal loans as they play an ever more important part.

It' s important that the people of Burma recognise that they are controlling the local economies, not the foreigner, otherwise there could be a powerful nationalist reaction as in the past. "The European Union is considering launching the removal of its Myanmar penalties as early as February in order to strengthen reform in Myanmar.

After Suu Kyi's freeing, she rescinded her ban on visas and the freezing of assets, but maintained her prohibition of commercial and fiscal sanction. Whilst the UK wants to stand by and see, nations like France and Germany want to accelerate the game. Although Myanmar's President is making great efforts to show that he is sincere in his reform, his country is still regarded as a shipwreck.

This is not only because there is an urgent need for an economy, but also because some have argued that the benefit has not been passed on to the population. Myanmar needs to show its citizens some changes and it needs armed assistance if these reform is to last. We have to be real that this reform will be successful if the strong army for many years supports and accepts these changes and reform.

We have many risks on the way to change. What is decisive is the extent to which the mighty army, which historically ruled the country's policy processes, supports this transition as well. "Meanwhile, Steinberg believes that the people of Burma must believe that the changes are their idea: "The actual issue is not whether they are going too fast from a different point of view, but when would the people of Burma like it?

I' ve long argued for the Myanmar people to push through reform on a Myanmar agenda so as not to look as if they were doing it under US conditions. In my view, these reform should be sustainable. A number of people do not want to see these reform. It is important, however, that the people of Burma believe that the reform comes from them and not from other people.

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