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Maps of Thayer, Oregon County, Missouri, United States and Thayer travel guide. The Thayer, Missouri photos, features, population and income data. Road and satellite map of Thayer, MO from Google Maps. The Thayer is located in the Ozarks region in the southwest of Missouri.

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We' re giving away $1200 in prize draws - just get in by submitting your own images! Mo. moves on to the state Ms. Missouri Nursing Home Pageant. as murder. Mo. moves on to the state Ms. Missouri Nursing Home Pageant. as murder.

2. Seventeen sq. mls. In Thayer for inhabitants 25 years and older: Inhabitants 15 years and older in Thayer City: 57 inhabitants were not yet settled in Thayer because they were originally from abroad (0.9% Latin America, 0.5% Europe, 0.5% North America). Corresponding to our research by Missouri and other state registers, there were 15 recorded sexual criminals who lived in Thayer, Missouri, from August 25, 2018.

In Thayer, the proportion of the population to the number of sexual criminals is 156 to 1. Next town with population. 50,000+: Jonesboro, GB (67. 6 mile, 55,515 inhabitants). Next town with population. 200,000+: Memphis, TN (131. 3 mile, 650,100 inhabitants). Next town with population.

1,000,000+: Dallas, TX (394. 0 mile, 1,188,580 inhabitants). Next cities: Huge spring, AR (1. 5 miles), Koshkonong, MO (2. 7 miles), Brandsville, MO (3. 5 miles), Alton, MO (3. 8 miles), Hardy, AR (3. 8 miles), Cherokee Village, AR (4. 0 miles), Highland, AR (4. 2 miles), Thomasville, MO (4. 3 miles) .

Activities in Tornado: Thayer - Area of historic twister activity is near Missouri state averages. This is 65% above the overall US averages. At April 2, 1982 a hurricane of the class would kill 23. 1 mile away from Thayer town centre 2 humans and hurt 28 humans and cause between 5.000.000 and 50.000.000 $ damage.

At 24.12.1982 a class f 4 twister wounded 24. 11 humans 2 mile from the town centre and inflicted between 500.000 and 5.000.000 $ damage. Thayer - Area historic seismic action is near Missouri state averages. It' 73% less than the US overall averages. Oregon County (17) has a higher number of catastrophes than the US mean (13).

Thayer' s clinics and health centres: Thayer' s airports: Colleges with over 2000 student near Thayer: Thayer Gymnasium (public high school): Primary education in Thayer: Thay City Court (124 on 2nd Street). Typical domestic size: Proportion of families: Proportion of homes with single partners: Banking with offices in Thayer (data for 2011):

Thayer' Bank: 116 Chestnut Street, 116 B. Thayer, founded on 23.08.1900; 63 and 142 Motorway Drive-In Branches, founded on 10.08.2001. Update 2006/11/03: Banking assets: $77.1 million, deposits: $66.5 million, resident head office, overall corporate revenue, 4 bureaus, holding company: The Great Southern Bank: Thayer' s office at 323 E. Walnut Street, establishment founded on 1923/01/01/01.

Update 2012/02/03: Cash in bank: $3,788. Missouri:1. Overall median state of the tooth and gums: Typical BMI: Typical nighttime sleep hours: Avarage state of the hearing: Averages Missouri:6. 69/9% 10 or less of the inhabitants of this province left the country between 2010 and 2011. The top districts from which the taxpayer resettled in this province between 2010 and 2011:

Averages Missouri:6. 91/10% 10 or less of the inhabitants of this province went abroad between 2010 and 2011. The top districts to which tax payers have resettled from this province between 2010 and 2011: Most powerful AM station in Thayer: Most powerful FM station in Thayer: Television channels around Thayer: than the Missouri State Average:

Mean domestic incomes below the national mean. Mean street value below the national mean. Unemployment rate below the national mean. African breed populations rate well below the national mean. Proportion of Spanish racial populations below the national mean. Media players clearly above the national mean. Dwell time since move-in above the national mean. Institutionalised share of the German populace above the national mean.

The number of tertiary level under the national mean. Proportion of the total number of people with a Bachelor's or higher education than the national mean. There' s three drivers and four other planes in this town.

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