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Where is Yangon? The best places in Asia, the most important cities and routes. Yangon Holidays now available from Explore Worldwide. Establishment of the Rangoon Development Trust in February. Located in the green embassy district of Yangon, the hotel has a quiet atmosphere.

Yangon - Encyclopedia

RANGOON, the Burmese capitol, is located on the lefthand shore of the Hlaing or Rangoon rivers, 21 m. from the ocean, at 16Â 47' N. and 96Â 13' E. In 1880 the town was separated from the Hanthawaddy metropolitan area and shaped into a segregated area of 19 square meters of population.

Yangon, a relatively small town, has become the third British Indian sea harbour in less than half a century-old, with only Calcutta and Bombay exceeding its trading volumes. In the high seasons of exporting rices, which last from late December to mid-May, the harbour of Yangon presents a scenery almost as overcrowded as the Hugli in Calcutta.

Yangon has the dual benefit of being close to the ocean and being serviced by a large creek that is 900 m behind it. It is not hard to reach the harbour at any time of the year. On shallow and regular shorelines, the shallows in front of the estuaries of the deltas are the major hazard for navigation, which is prevented by good maintenance of light houses and light ships.

With a length of seven or eight nautical leagues, the stream is from one nautical league to one nautical league and a fourth in width, so that there is enough space for navigation. This is where all the wealthy commerce is located in the Irrawaddy Valley area. A large part of the front of the riverbank is covered with paddy grinders, tea wood quays and similar outbuildings.

In 1904-5, the Rangoon exports of raw material totalled 28 million Swiss francs with a value of almost 7 million sterlings. It' a massive brickworkupa in the shape of a conical towering above a reliquary room; and the place of adoration is the nearby 1,400-foot wide deck - please mark this page (add it to your favorites).

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