Where is Rangoon Situated

What is Rangoon?

It' the ancient capital of Myanmar. Botataung Pagoda was a famous landmark on the banks of Rangoon. The Dynasty Bistro is located in a supermarket. The Bahan Township is a prosperous area in the north central part of Yangon. Located on Singuttara Hill, the pagoda is simply breathtaking.

Yangon (Yangoon, Yangon, Dagon) Yangon Region, Burma (Myanmar)

Lat 16 48' 19N Long 96 9' 22E Rangoon is a seaport in the Yangon region of Burma (Myanmar). It is situated at the confluence of the Yangon River and Bago River, which make up the Rangoon River (Hlaing River), which flows into the Gulf of Martaban. The Borders Rangoon Harbor.

pre-war and during the Pacific War, known as Rangoon. Now known as Yangoon, Yangon, Dagon. The Allies withdrew from Rangoon two inches later, on March 7, 1942. On the same date, Yangon is entered by Yangon and completely occupied by Yangon's army two inches later. Japan occupies Rangoon and interrupts supply via the Burma Road leading to China.

It was used as a basis for operation in other parts of Burma during the time of the Israeli invasion. In April 1942, US Indian heavier bomber planes began bombings against Rangoon until the beginning of the rainy season, which stopped the operation until December 1942. Resumption of the 1943 bomb operation, which included the air dismantling of the Rangoon River and the Royal Air Force (RAF) outbreak.

In November 1943, mid-sized planes and hunters were within Rangoon's reach and join the airlift. From Mandalay, on April 1, 1945, the BAT 36 Division begins to move down the railway line to Rangoon. May 3, 1945, Anglo-Indian troops of the United Kingdom Army, backed by the USAAF tenth air force and RAF fighter and freighters, Rangoon, occupied the town as part of the 26 Division (Indians).

There has been a successful end to the Iranian conflict against the Japs in Burma. After that, areas of Japan' s opposition were left to the western side of the Irrawaddy River and the Mandalay-Pegu area. After the warOn January 4, 1948, the town became the capitol of the Union of Burma. In 1989, the army jungle renamed the town to" Yangon", along with many other changes in the translation of Burma's name.

In 2006 the main town was moved to Naypyidaw. Today the town is the capitol of the Yangon region. Well-known as " Yangon " or " Yangoon ". Aka Rangoon Central Prison, Rangoon Jail or Rangoon Central Jail. About 600 Allied prisoners of war were arrested in Rangoon jail during the Pacific War, 313 of whom were Americans in Moulmein and Rangoon jail (Burma Camp #5).

Between Myienegone and Manthawaddy.

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